International Day of Democracy: when is it and how to celebrate it –

In many countries, going to vote is something so normalized that sometimes it is not valued as it should. You don’t even think about the work it has taken to get there, and many people stay home, even though they only have to vote every four years. To remind us of the importance of having elections, the International Day of Democracy. we tell you when is it and how to celebrate it

International Day of Democracy: what is it

The first thing to ask is what is the International Day of Democracy and why is it celebrated.

As pointed out by the UN (United Nations Organization), the International Day of Democracy It is a perfect occasion to remember, value and ponder that democracy must focus its efforts on citizens and not lose itself in other issues. By the way, do you need help with your history assignments in class? here you have several history school work according to the course.

From the UN they point to democracy as a process but also an objective. And it is that, despite the fact that in most countries around the world, democracy is established and settled, in some nations there are still dictatorships and governments that deprive their citizens of the ability to choose their representatives. Thus, international organizations ask governments, civil society and citizens to unite so that democracy continues to expand and reach all corners of the planet.

In pursuing this goal, the UN ponders freedom, respect for human rights and the principle of being able to hold elections, from time to time, by universal suffrage. Three premises that are considered essential and intrinsically linked to democracy.

In addition, democracy itself is the one that manages a normal application and regulation of the human rights of citizens and the one that ensures compliance with the Declaration of Human Rights throughout the world. On the other hand, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights makes these democracies stand on their own.

This connection between democracy and human rights is not only metaphorical, but is captured and sealed in the article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

«The will of the population must constitute the basis of government authority.; This will be expressed in periodic and genuine elections that will be by universal and equal suffrage and will be held by secret ballot or by equivalent free voting procedures.

The International Day of Democracy also embraces other International Covenants on RightsLike the Economic, Social and Cultural. And it is that this derivation of Fundamental Rights, favors that the rights of other less favored groups such as minorities, indigenous peoples or people with disabilities, for example, are also fundamental for the normal functioning of democracy.

These groups are the ones that guarantee the distribution of wealth, solidarity, equality and equity in access to Civil and Political Rights.

International Day of Democracy: when is it

doWhen is the International Day of Democracy? It all starts on September 15, 1997. That day, the Inter-Parliamentary Union adopts the Universal Declaration of Democracyafter a series of International Conferences on New and Restored Democracies that had begun back in 1988. This initiative had been a thing of the president of the Philippines, between 1986 and 1992, Aquinas Heart.

The Philippine president was only six years at the head of the country but left an indelible mark. Elected in 1986, she led what is known as People Power Peaceful Revolutionending more than two decades of the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

The spirit of change and the fact of going from a dictatorship to a democracy was what permeated this initiative. Yes, we had to wait as of November 8, 2007, more than 20 years after the election of Corazon Aquino in the Philippines, for the UN to adopt the measure. That day, the United Nations General Assembly determines that September 15 will become the International Day of Democracy. Obviously, it would begin to be celebrated in 2008 and it was on September 15 of that year that the first International Day of Democracy was celebrated.

Interestingly, this sixth conference of the United Nations General Assembly held in Qatar and it was the advisory council of the host country that proposed promoting the International Day of Democracy. Moreover, they wrote a draft that the General Assembly of the United Nations would end up adopting and that would define September 15 as the date of its celebration.

What no one expected was that this September 15 was not the only day that democracy is commemorated. The movement Fair Vote Canada intends to make the International Day of Democracy, the International Democracy Weekand have registered a petition to prolong the celebrations of this party.

For his part, from state Joined have gone a step further and propose that the International Day of Democracy is a holiday throughout the country. Not only that, also make it coincide with the general electionwhen they are held. The truth is that it is not so far-fetched, since the general elections in the United States are usually held in early November. It would be enough to advance the elections a month and a half and delay the celebration.

While, in the United Kingdom they made a special celebration of Democracy on January 20, 2015. That day they fulfilled 750 years since the creation of the first Parliament with popular representation in England.

Very different is the case of Nigeriawhere the chosen date is May 29So that day of 1999, the country returned to democracyafter decades of dictatorship. Which makes it clear that the International Day of Democracy remains necessary until the entire planet has the opportunity to enjoy the right to elect their representatives.

International Day of Democracy: how to celebrate it

Finally, from the UN they tell you How to celebrate the International Day of Democracy. That yes, they do not speak to you of September 15, but of the whole year.

  • vote – Compare candidates, decide and vote. Couldn’t always vote
  • City hall – Consistories usually hold open days that you can take advantage of to see how it works
  • Universal Declaration of Democracy – Read it to know what it implies
  • right to vote – Promotes and weights the right to vote, giving information to those who do not share your ideas