In astrology, what does each house in your birth chart represent?

The birth chart is divided into several astrological houses, where each planet influences various aspects of personality and life. For this reason, in astrology one of the most common questions is what does each house represent in your birth chart?

An astrological chart, also known as a natal chart, is a photograph of what the sky was like at the time a person was born. Being a basic self-knowledge tool for astrology. In which the energy that makes up the essence of a person is described.

What do the 12 houses in the birth chart represent?

To better understand what the astrological houses are about, it is first necessary to understand a little what an astrological chart is. According to Dane Rudhyard, humanistic astrologer and pioneer in modern transpersonal astrology: It is a set of institutions that allow the use of basic energy in the best possible way.

The exact moment and the precise place of a person’s birth allows a series of calculations to be made that are currently carried out through programs. These calculations will give rise to the birth chart, which is a circular chart with an organized house system. They serve to determine how these tools with which a person is born manifest themselves in certain areas of life.

What are the tools?

The tools referenced are:

Signs: Types of energies or archetypes, grouped into four elements and three modalities.

Planets: It has to do with the various characters. The goddesses and gods that live inside a person represent different characters, whose dialogues with each other are determined by astrological aspects.

Twelve astrological houses: Areas of life in which these characters are going to express themselves, with respect to the sign they are in and the way in which they relate to others.

Where do the astrological houses come from?

Regarding the natal chart, we must bear in mind that the astrological houses are determined by the moment in which we are born. Bearing in mind the exact place and time. The ascendant is the sign of the zodiac that comes from the horizon at the moment we are born. Since, due to the rotational movement of the Earth, the zodiac is constantly turning. And that is when the house system is defined in the birth chart.

It is necessary to know that each house is responsible for describing a specific area of ​​life. As well as the potentialities and challenges that may be present there. Until the moment we are born, the signs and the planets are acting outside, in the sky, giving a universal meaning to their symbology.

Once we are born, the sky remains static, and it is possible to take a photograph, which will be the one that will accompany us in the course of existence. The meaning of each of the houses is as follows:

Home 1

Within the birth chart, house 1 represents the Self. Being analogous to the Arian energy, since it is in charge of showing the exit to the outside world. The themes of this house are personality, physical appearance, the way you look at others, and vitality. Also the first years of life, the beginnings, whether bonds, situations, relationships, jobs, studies or entrepreneurship.

Therefore, the ascendant is the beginning or the cusp of the 1st house. It is a point that is responsible for describing the passage between intrauterine life and the exit to the world. If some planets are in the same ascendant degree, they add information to circumstances of the same birth. And it will be visible in the physical aspect or how you go out into the world.

house 2

It represents possessions, it is related to bullfighting energy and its themes. Here financial matters, possessions, money income and capital are worked on. The planets and each of the aspects that are there, like the sign that corresponds to the house, determine the way you have to generate money. Or as is the financial flow in life, depending on the awareness that you have about the subject, it is possible to manifest debts.

It is also a house associated with self-esteem, talents and resources with which you are born. From the spiritual or emotional, to the material, so it also has to do with self-worth.

House 3

House 3 in the birth chart has to do with early studies, siblings, and the immediate environment. In addition, it is associated with Gemini energy. This is the first link house, although in this case it represents the relationships and links that are not chosen. As it happens with cousins, brothers, neighbors or classmates. It is the environment that is inherited by decision of the parents or caregivers.

Likewise, it is the area in which communication skills, language and the beginnings of social life are developed. In this house you can see how you learn, how to communicate and how to move.

House 4

It is the primary home, being a house associated with Cancer energy. This house speaks about where we come from. What is our clan, the roots, feelings of belonging, the nest and its characteristics. It talks about family life, the bond between parents and the environment within the home. It is also related to ancestors, family history, and talks about the physical house, how it is perceived and what is expected of it.

House 5

It is a house that speaks about creativity and self-expression, being analogous to the Leonine energy. This is where self-expression, creative and artistic ability develops. Connecting with what generates passion, with lovers (those of flesh and blood, but also hobbies, recreational activities and pastimes).

It is also related to moments of enjoyment of games, physical recreation, vacations and the development of creativity. Being the house of creative capacity, it is also related to children, whether they are natural. And with each of the projects, everything in which the libido is put.

House 6

It talks about routine habits and has to do with Virginian energy. This is an area of ​​life that focuses on issues related to work (related to dependency), health issues and routines. Also representing service areas, as is the case with pet care.

This house is associated with health and homeostasis. It shows how the routine is structured in terms of eating, work, leisure time and exercise. Body care has been the main tool to move within the astral plane.

House 7

The house of the other and is related to the Libran energy. Within the process of individualization, in which the personality is defined in its entirety, it is discovered that the link with a significant other helps to define us, through the law of the mirror. The other is the one who reflects some aspect of the being that was not incorporated. Because of this, the 7th house sees the need to find a complement. Until discovering what the other brings and it is to become aware of their existence.

House 8

House that has to do with death, crisis and transformation, related to Scorpio energy. The themes of this house lead to experiences and situations of great emotional intensity, which lead to transformation. It represents the death, especially the psychic one, of the matters that are corrupted and from which it is necessary to get rid of in order to be reborn.

It may represent material losses, or resources that are shared with partners or partners. Also inheritances and legacies, which are the assets received from others.

House 9

Known as the house of travel and higher studies, relating it to Sagittarius energy. This is an area of ​​life that is tied to the search for a higher purpose. Seeking to include new concepts to extend the mind. Sometimes, it can refer to the possibility of living or moving to a foreign country. Or the study of various customs or cultures.

House 10

Known as the home of the profession, social commitment and professional development, related to Capricorn energy. The 10th house is associated with the top of the tree and the highest expression of aspirations. It is the public and professional image. Here the possible professions are observed, the way in which the achievements are developed and the relationship with authority figures. Reputation, ambitions and worldly achievements are also made visible.

House 11

House of groups of friends, joint projects and teams, being analogous to the Aquarian energy. Likewise, it is the home of large groups such as NGOs, clubs, social networks and massive connectivity. Creativity is expressed on a social level and for the benefit of several, not just one. It is also the house of vocation and purpose, reflecting the lifestyle, ideals and hopes.

House 12

When talking about the birth chart, what is the 12th house, you have to know that this is the house of the unconscious. From the dissolution of the ego and here come the experiences that were lived in the womb or what is probably carried over from other lives. Because of this, it is related to Karma. Therefore, regarding the 12th house birth chart, it often talks about issues that have not been resolved with the ancestors.

It is an area where mental or chronic illnesses that are of unknown origin manifest. Whose origin most of the time is emotional. Similarly, it has to do with hidden enemies.


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