Importance of industrial psychology |

We can affirm that the Psychologyas a discipline study the human mind in the different cognitive, behavioral and affective processes, it has a wide and varied field of study since these processes change according to the environment in which the person operates. For this reason, what is known as applied psychology. This is responsible for studying mental processes in specific situations. In the case of job contextwhat we know as Industrial psychology. You know what is industrial psychology or what does it consist of? Do you want to discover the importance of industrial psychology? Let’s start!

In this sense, the psychology applied to the industrial field, it focuses on the mental processes of people when they are working, on how they change and the way in which they can be improved, this being one of the points of greatest importance of industrial psychology. But… The Industrial psychology and Organizational Psychology, are they the same? Today we talk about the importance of industrial psychology in business!

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Industrial psychology: what does it study?

The industrial psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with study, analyze and understand the attitudes, behaviors and performance of employees in the workplace. These seem to depend on psychological factors, working in small or big companiesas well as their interpersonal relationships, since in most cases they must have interactions with a varied number of individuals within the company.

Therefore, when companies present a crisis or some transition phase, it is of interest to know the importance of industrial psychologysince its role within companies is very useful both in hiring human talent and in increasing staff productivity and efficiency in organizational development.

Knowledge of industrial psychology

In order to achieve the objectives of efficiency and productivity both in the personnel and at the organizational level of the company, industrial psychology is based on a multidisciplinary knowledge that consists of:

  • Organizational psychology.

Is a branch of psychology who studies the development of job functions at an individual and collective level, in order to define the behaviors that must be followed within the company to improve performance and productivity.

The industrial psychology relies on the knowledge of this branch of psychology to be able to assess and diagnose disorderssuch as depression and anxiety, that may affect employees and investigate what the possible cause is in order to make the necessary changes in the worker’s workload and refer them to a specialist.

It is a branch of psychology study the organizational behaviorthat is, the behavior of humans within organizations, the way they interact with each other, and how they work within the structure of the organization. organization to perform their work, in order to assist in the training and development of workers. Likewise, it studies the factors that are included in job performance such as: work environment, schedules, workload and its distribution.

This discipline studies the abilities to perceive, understand, regulate and express emotionsboth their own and those of others. Therefore, it helps the success of the company in the fact that by having a good emotional education, workers can develop skills such as self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and self-management, which form a good leadership labor.

Importance of industrial psychology

Understanding, then, that psychology studies various aspects of an individual and that many times in the work different situations are developed which make it a little difficult for some to face, it is important that all the psychological help that is necessary can be counted on. So that, the importance of industrial psychology rests on being able to create a organizational climate that promotes the development of behaviors and attitudes which benefit the work performance of people and, therefore, the productivity of the company.

Likewise, the importance of industrial psychology is that the worker feels the necessary impulse to be able to work constantlywithout feeling unmotivated or stressed, which is one of the factors that directly influence the productivity of the employees.

On the other hand, it is also in charge of guiding and locating the applicants in the area in which they can grow and apply their knowledge, in this way the development will be even greater. Therefore, the importance of industrial psychology It is not only oriented towards setting everything for greater well-being, but also locating human talent where it knows that it can perform better thanks to its skills, knowledge and competencies.