Imperialism and the First World War: Work of 3rd of ESO –

After having seen how we can do our work on the Industrial Revolution in the 3rd year of ESO, and although we continue to explain what the history school work usually is according to the course, we now want to talk to you about imperialism and the First World War and how we can do a good school work on it.

Points to touch on in our work on Imperialism and World War I:

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Work on Imperialism and World War I:

  • The truth is that doing a job on imperialism, and its consequences, in addition to including World War I can lead you to have to make a great summary or outline, although we are talking about a period that covers between the distribution of the colonies of Africa in 1884 and the beginning of the World War in 1914.
  • It is better to make a small summary to starting from some loose phrases that allow us to better understand how World War I originated, from colonization and that it was one of the consequences of imperialism.
  • In this way we can make a first summary that briefly explains what the era of the imperialism and that factors They influenced the imperialist expansion and among which it is worth mentioning all kinds of economic, political and ideological factors.
  • It should also include what are the phases of imperialist rule and that gave rise to the birth of colonization, so to finish it would be good to explain what consequences they had for both dominating peoples and for the dominated.

  • In this way you will be able to make the leap to your second scheme and in which to develop the World War Iexplaining not only the origin and how it was developed but it is also good to focus on some of the scenarios of the conflict, the phases of the war, the peace treaties and the consequences of the war, both human and political, economic or social along with the territorial changes.

Other ideas for Imperialism and World War I:

  • On the other hand, and apart from these two schemes that I mention, we can add all kinds of maps that will allow us to explain much better the territories invaded during imperialism and also develop some of the battles that occurred in the first World War. If you have to make an exhibition for example, you can present these maps through a series of positive days.

Imperialism and World War I PDF:

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