“I’m 18 years old”: Millie Bobby Brown’s anger with a TV host went viral

His answer was very clear: “I am 18 years old”. Millie Bobby Brown put the stitches on a TV host and it went viral. The video has been rolling on social networks with many comments about it.

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Millie Bobby Brown was guest on the Hot Ones show

The young Millie Bobby Brown agreed to participate, since the program has a very peculiar format: the guests must eat chicken wings, all with sauce that are increasingly hotter until they reach the most extreme sauce.

The guests keep trying to talk, even though the sauces overwhelm their palates. It is an entertaining show, which has been attended by many celebrities. Everything was going well, until she ate the eighth hot sauce.

The flavor of the condiment exceeded his tolerance. She started coughing and had to drink water to calm down. For a moment, she was about to leave the interview as the situation completely overwhelmed her.

Source: Interview video capture

He tried to continue the interview, but it was complicated

The truth is that Millie Bobby Brown fanned her face with both hands and had trouble breathing. She said that the taste of her spice made it difficult for her to breathe. At one point in the interview, she covered her face with her hair so they wouldn’t see her expressions.

Before some comments from the presenter, she replied: “I’m only 18 years old.” The truth is that he felt quite uncomfortable. Also, it was evident that her face turned red after eating the hottest sauce.

For a moment, the situation was quite comical. However, she almost got out of control when it seemed like she couldn’t stand the strong taste of the seasoning. She even had a moment when she found it hard to breathe.

When I said a few words, he said that he felt that the spice reached his hair. She drank quite a bit of liquid to calm herself down. Anyway, she managed to finish the presentation; but quite unevenly.

Source: Interview video capture

She apologized to the audience

In the interview, she made an obscene gesture to the presenter. It was a spontaneous reaction to the terrible taste of the “chicken wing”. Later, she said that she understood that she should not make such gestures in front of the cameras.

In the end, everything ended in the best possible way. However, the actress is unlikely to want to eat something spicy for quite some time. In addition, the participation of the guests is not usually repeated in the show.

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Have you seen that Millie Bobby Brown video? It is very common on social networks. In addition, it is a protected content thanks to the fifth season of Stranger Things.