If you know someone with type 0 blood you should know this

In general, we do not notice it: surely your blood type is something that you do not think about from a medical check-up that you have had. But we all have some “blood type,” and a difference in something as important as our blood can certainly influence who we are. Blood group is considered to influence many aspects of life, such as health or even certain aspects of personality.

But… What is the blood group?

It is a classification of the blood according to certain characteristics of the red blood cells. They are divided into four types: A, B, AB and 0. In turn, each type can be negative or positive, that means that it has or does not have an extra component, called RH.

The truth is that the most important reason for knowing the blood type is because, before a possible transfusion, it is necessary to know to whom and from whom blood can be received. But it can also be interesting to know more about your blood type and some curiosities.

Today we are going to talk about blood type 0. 40% of the population shares this blood group, and it has many impressive characteristics.

Universal or semi-universal giver

People with blood group 0 – are known as universal blood donors. The reason is that anyone, no matter what blood type they have, can receive transfusions from them. The bad thing is that they can only receive blood from people 0 -. This means that you may have certain inconveniences when receiving transfusions.

What not everyone knows is that the 0+ is also a “semi-universal” giver. You can donate to any type, but always RH positive. And you can receive from your own group or from the 0-.

ancient blood

It is believed that our ancestors all shared this blood type, and that the diversification came over time.

In other words, according to this theory, it would be the oldest blood type.

Good health

According to research, people with blood type 0 are in very good health.

They are less prone to disease and live for many years.


In contrast to their good health, they have a tendency to suffer from certain types of problems, such as obesity.

In addition, they often have problems with insulin resistance, and fail to maintain optimal levels of iodine in the body (related to the thyroid gland).

They are also likely to suffer from ulcers, fluid retention and chronic fatigue.

Pure adrenaline

Blood type 0 people have been shown to have higher amounts of adrenaline in their blood.

That is why they are very active, impulsive and always alert. They are not advised to consume too much caffeine or alcohol as their adrenaline levels go through the roof.


According to a study conducted in Japan, people with blood type 0 have a stronger sense of direction and logic and are very aware of what is going on around them.

Considering that it is the blood of the most primitive humans, this makes a lot of sense. Well, our ancestors needed all these qualities to go hunting.

natural leaders

This type of blood, ancestral and worthy of a warrior, is evident in the personality of those who possess it. They are people with a natural capacity for leadership.

They are great at teamwork, as they have no problem working hard to achieve all the goals and challenges they set for themselves.