If you drool when you sleep, you are very lucky and you should know why

Drooling while sleeping can sometimes be frowned upon or make you feel uncomfortable, but the reality is that it is not only common, but it is an indicator that you have rested very well.

Sleep has several phases of roughly equal duration, one of which is known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. During the REM phase, the body enters a deep sleep and we experience a restful sleep.

When we rest properly, our body completely relaxes and that sometimes causes our mouth to drop open and we end up drooling.

Far from being something negative, this means that all sleep processes are taking place normally, without interruptions or disorders. Now what if you never drool? It may be that your sleeping habits are not adequate and that your neurons are not fully recovering.

Try to schedule your sleeping hours, and make sure you do it in a place without noise and with the light off, preferably for 8 hours each night.

Problems sleeping?

Practice for gentle that includes the mobilization of the joints, the gentle activation of some muscle groups and also relaxing stretches with the aim of preparing the body and mind for sleep.

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