If these things happen to you, maybe it is your angel who is sending you signs

Each of us has an angel nearby at all times: our guardian angel. They are always there, ensuring that each of our steps is successful and we do not get lost along the way.

But, for various reasons beyond human understanding, there are times when our angel especially seeks to communicate with us. Surely, these are the times when we need them most, whether we realize it or not.

The truth is that in those situations in which our angel tries to communicate with us, he sends very clear signals. You just have to know them to understand that your angel wants to talk to you.

These are 7 things you should pay attention to, as they are signs from the angels:

1. Feathers in unexpected places

Finding feathers anywhere, even in the least expected, is a clear sign that your angel is very close to you and is sending you signs.

2. Intense fragrances

Smell is a very strong sense, directly associated with emotions and memory. If suddenly, anywhere and for no apparent reason, you smell an intense fragrance, which brings back strong memories, it may be a sign from your angel.

When that happens, try to think about what that scent reminds you of or where it transports you. Maybe there is the message that your angel is sending you.

3. lights

One of the greatest angelic manifestations is to perceive small colored lightning bolts. When they appear for a fraction of a second and disappear, it is nothing more and nothing less than the wings of your angel next to you.

4. Sounds

Angels can also send you signals through sounds. So don’t be scared if, suddenly, you feel the whisper of different voices around you that you can’t decode… It’s a sign from your angel!

Also pay attention when you are walking down the street or in public places. If you start hearing many people talking about angels in any context, it is also a reason that your angel wants to communicate with you.

The same if you listen over and over again, wherever you go, the same song: it may hide a message from your angel (except, of course, the fashionable hit).

5. Unexplained temperature changes

The vibration of the angels can modify the molecules of the air, causing it to suddenly and inexplicably heat up or cool down.

So if that happens, it is possible that your angel is vibrating very close to you, moving around, trying to communicate with you. Pay attention to what he wants to tell you.

6. Coincidences

Coincidences always deserve attention. It is that generally, they are something else: a manifestation to send you some kind of signal.

If, for example, with different people and in completely different contexts, an issue that concerns you arises, listen carefully: it may be a sign that you need to resolve it.

7. Presence

Sometimes, you can feel the presence of your angel even if you don’t see it. Has it not happened to you to feel accompanied even if you are alone? It is your angel close to you.

Its presence can be manifested through physical elements, such as finding the figure of an angel or seeing its silhouette reflected in the clouds.

They are signs with which your angel wants to remind you that he is always close and watching over you.