Ideas to decorate your garden with paths

The garden is, for many, the favorite part of the house, full of life and colour. In addition, it works as a cover letter, because it is often the first thing that visitors see.

If you have a garden and you want to redecorate it, a good idea is to create a path or path, which will fill it with style and will also serve to protect the lawn and plants, because it will indicate where to step.

There are different types of pathways, made from many different materials. But the best thing about these ideas is that you can make them yourself!

1. Figures with stones

Stones are an easy item to get in different shapes, colors and sizes. In addition, it is not expensive and it has practically infinite durability. It is perhaps the best element to use in an area with so much traffic and also exposed to the weather, such as the garden.

A path with stones may seem common and boring, precisely because it is so suitable that it has been a very chosen material. But you can give it a special touch by creating figures and designs with the rocks, taking advantage of their sizes, colors and textures.

So that the path remains firm, carry it out on an area without grass. Moisten the soil a little and place the rocks in the shape you want, making drawings, and pressing them down slightly.

2. Bricks and stones

Bricks are another ideal material for exteriors and high traffic, especially since you probably have some left over from the construction, and in that case they are cheap and easy to get.

The problem may be that they are not very aesthetic. But if you create original designs and fill in the margins with stones, you can have design paths, without spending money and with little effort.

This option is very simple, as it uses a row of a single horizontal brick the entire length, except at the beginning, where some cut (or broken) pieces are used to create a pattern in the flare.

You can wax or paint the bricks for a better finish.

This is another similar option, with a wooden border that gives it a very special rustic detail.

3. Logs

The trunks do not have as much resistance as the stones or bricks, but they have the advantage of being very beautiful, and also placing them is very fast. You can use horizontal or sliced ​​logs, with grass in the middle or small joints filled with soil.

4. Pallets

This idea is only suitable for very large gardens, but it is very cheap and creative!

You simply have to varnish the pallets and place them in the garden.

5. Broken tiles

Another option that will not cost you money is to use tiles that you have left over from construction!

The best thing is that you can get them of all kinds and styles; You can even make them match the rest of the house if you use the mosaics or flagstones that you have left over from a floor or wall.

This alternative can be made with both the most sober gray flagstones and colorful kitchen tiles. Don’t limit your imagination!

6. Decorative ceramics

Another option that will not be so easy to achieve, but that you can do without effort anyway, are decorative tiles. If you dare, you can even make your own tiles.

In this case, they are decorated with small stones and natural leaf motifs, and have a hollow space in which a small plant can grow!

In this other case, tiles in the form of sheets were used.

7. Hopscotch

Painting the numbers on a hopscotch is a simple idea to give a completely creative touch to a simple gray tiled path.

9. Bottle Rim

Another idea to give one of these simple stone tile paths a fresh look is to build a pretty border around it!

You can do it without spending money by reusing waste items. In this case, blue colored bottles were used.

What other ideas can you think of to give your garden a new look?