Ideas to assemble and organize closets or storage spaces

If you have a small house, a small bedroom or you just moved in and don’t have a wardrobe, storing clothes and shoes may be a problem for you.

When thinking of a traditional wardrobe, it is true that you need a lot of space to place it and, usually, also money.

However, with a little creativity you can achieve these different spaces to store clothes: some very cheap, others very practical, and others specially designed to make the best use of space.

minimalist wardrobe

This type of “closet,” which doesn’t actually have doors or sides, is perfect if you need to put together a space for your clothes in no time, and it’s fairly inexpensive if you do it with simple shelf braces. If you are a very neat person, it will look as cute as in the picture.

wardrobe with ladder

Sometimes you have closets or storage spaces, but they are not easily accessible. A rolling ladder can make them no longer just the place to store the Christmas tree.

recycled coat rack

If what you want is to add a little more storage space in addition to your closet, you can assemble a piece of furniture like this one with disused materials.

internal organizer

If you have a coat rack but no chest of drawers, you can make something like this for socks and underwear.

For children

These chests of drawers made with removable and lightweight buckets can be very useful for storing children’s toys: they will put each thing in its bucket and then you will put them back on the shelf.

without wardrobe

Another option without a cabinet, doors or shelves: simple coat racks neatly arranged.

shoe racks

If you take the shoes out of the closet, you gain space in it. And it’s easier to keep shoes in order than clothes on a shelf without doors.

Simple wooden furniture

With a few repurposed lumber and basic carpentry skills you can build something like this.

Recycle an old ladder!

A simple and very stylish coat rack.

vegetable crates

For shoes, clothes or objects, +this is an extra economical way to build a shelf. You can do it for the interior of the closet if you have a closet with doors but you lack the shelves.

Shelving with metal braces

A simple idea but one that will help you keep everything well organized.

Head of the bed

If you keep it tidy, a coat rack behind the bed is not bad for when you don’t know where else to store your things.

extra coat rack

Add a tube under the shelves for extra storage space.

floating tube

If you don’t have a shelf, you can also place it directly on the ceiling.

DIY coat rack

Another simple idea to make a very nice coat rack with a lower shelf for shoes.

Ladder-shoe rack

Another great idea with a ladder, for this one you don’t even need to know carpentry.

without doors

When you can’t build a closet with doors, curtains are a great solution.

Sliding doors

And this other one is an idea so that the doors do not take up space when opened.

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