Ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make you fall in love ;-)

That Valentine’s Day should be every day when you’re in a relationship, I think it’s something we already know. We don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to show us that we love each other, any day or every day is good for it, but it doesn’t hurt to mark a day even more special than the others to give us a unique moment.

Sometimes life, routine, children or work trap us in such a way that it is difficult to find spaces in which to stop and remember why we are with who we are and why we want to continue being so ;-). So, celebrate Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary, all at once, or celebrate it every day of the year, however you have decided to show your love, I hope that with this article you will not lack (photographic) ideas of how do it ;-).

couple photo session

I know that you are also a photographer and that you like being behind the lens much more than in front of it but, as much as you run away from other people’s cameras, the truth is that it is wonderful to have photos of the two of you together at least once a year .

And I’m not talking about selfie of walking around the house made with the mobile phone, which almost all of us have, I am talking about an authentic photo session made by a professional photographer. I’m talking about having a precious memory of yours to frame.

Years go by and we can’t go back to photographing ourselves 5 years ago, so Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to dedicate time to each other that will become a precious timeless memory.

couple self portrait

If the budget is more limited, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on your session, although I don’t promise the same results as if you hire a professional photographer, of course ;-).

  • Find a place with a good lighting
  • If it is an interior, come to window
  • get yourself a self timer
  • Use a sufficient diaphragm opening so that both of you are well focused
  • choose one matching clothes good between you
  • Take care of the background and the environment
  • Uses a tripod
  • The best light in these cases is soft and diffused light.
  • think of some poses and attitudes before starting
  • Look for something unique between you and try to transmit it
  • Read this article about self-portraits first,
  • And then this one with inspiring photos of couples,
  • And may luck (and laughter) be with you 😉

portrait session

Since your partner is lucky enough to have a photographer as a couple, you can encourage yourself to give him a fantastic portrait session made by you, in which you will both enjoy, have a good time, and that will leave you, without a doubt, a good memory in the form of images and in the form of experience. Because, who better than you to portray the person you love? 🙂

Of course, prepare yourself well by taking a look at these articles:

Or if you want to dig even deeper, you can take a look at our Mastering Portrait Photography book.

print the photos

That wonderful pile of photos is useless if you then leave them abandoned in some dark corner of the hard drive, or on a CD or USB or in any other format where they are not clearly visible.

Photos are made to be seenso print them, display them, make yourself a mug, a puzzle, a cushion, put them in a frame, in short, bring them to life in some way.

Give photos

After give them life somehow, and in whatever format, they become a wonderful gift to share. They can be your photos of your couple, of the wedding, of your child, yours, or whatever you think is convenient.

There are millions of ideas on the net, but to start I leave you with nothing more than 18 photographic ideas to impress your partner on Valentine’s Day.

photography book

Although I would go into the previous point, it seems to me that it deserves a section in itself. Perhaps it is a personal perception, because at the house of a blacksmith… a wooden spoon and I always talk about printing, making books, giving life to our work… but at the moment of truth very occasionally some of my images come the light.

Luckily someone makes the books for me, and the truth is that it is one of the formats in which I most enjoy looking at the images. And not just me, the whole family. At least in my house it is a hit ;-). They take up little space, are collected, cared for, well selected, and you can use them whenever you want.

gifts for photographers

I always think that you only read us photographers looking for ideas, but the truth is that I know that many of your couples turn to the blog looking for ideas to give to you, so we are going to try to help them with a small list of different budgets, if what you are looking for is a more material gift:

  • Camera (Evil, reflex, compact, etc.)
  • Goal
  • Tripod
  • external flash
  • photo printer
  • Diffuser and/or reflector
  • Bag or backpack to carry the camera
  • Filter (polarizing, neutral density, infrared…)
  • tactile gloves
  • Online photography courses (you can take a look at the BdF course here) or face-to-face
  • workshop
  • self timer
  • external photometer
  • Camera strap (hand or neck)
  • Photo frame
  • Photo-Themed Keychains
  • Books:
  • You may also be interested in some of these photographic accessories for less than 40 Euros

Give experiences (and photograph them)

Do something different and original just the two of you, it can be a great gift. think of some experience in which you can enjoy the two beyond going to the movies or dinner. It can be something as simple as an excursion, visit a monument, go to the theater, or more daring like going down a river with turbulent waters, horseback riding, a parachute jump or paragliding or whatever. All this, please, camera in hand to be documented, of course.

You know your partner better than anyone, but sometimes giving gifts is difficult, right? Some ideas for Valentine’s always come in handy. I hope I have been able to help you with any of the above, although if you do not find what you are looking for, do not despair, surely something will occur to you!

If so, you can expand the list or ideas in comments, so we will all benefit from your contributions :-). And, please, don’t hesitate to share this article to try to help as many lovers as possible ;-). Thank you and see you soon.