Iceland launches long-term visa for remote workers

The news of Iceland launching a long-term visa program for remote workers has already traveled the world. In addition, it is done in the midst of the pandemic scenario and its reopening with the European Union (EU) and the Schengen area.

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A new visa with peculiar characteristics

It is important to note that it is not a work visa in Iceland, but for remote workers. What does this mean? Simply that someone can work remotely, in any country in Europe or the United States, but do so from Iceland.

For many it is something interesting. That is, you can have a job already established remotely. If it is shown that this capacity and mode of income is possessed; the Icelandic government allows a stay of up to six months in that nation.

Actually, it is a curious mix between a tourist visa and a stay visa. People would travel to Iceland, but not on vacation. He would do it to work remotely, from his computer. The point is that you can enjoy your stay on Icelandic soil.

Something to keep in mind: you have to earn $88,000 a year

It is an essential requirement to qualify for this residence permit. Therefore, what the Icelanders want is inferred: people with economic capacity, who can spend. Not people who stay in cheap places and have few resources.

No doubt Iceland is a place from another world. Very serene, it has undoubted natural beauties. Its glaciers seem from another planet. It has volcanoes and hot springs of infinite fantasy. There are plenty of natural beauties in Iceland.

To all of the above are added its skies adorned with northern lights. Its stability, its cities of colorful houses and its serene ways of being are added. For example, in Iceland you have the custom of spending Christmas reading.

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Other requirements to have this visa

The interested person must demonstrate that they have an employment relationship with a foreign company. In addition, you must have the respective medical insurance that covers your health emergencies on Icelandic soil.

For example, if someone has a high-paying telecommuting job (earning $80,000 a year); you can spend six months in Iceland. There you have the connectivity for remote work. Work, walk and get to know this beautiful country at the same time.

It is an interesting option. Perhaps, highly desired by freelancer workers. The opportunity to work and travel in parallel. Without a doubt, it is an option that is not negligible and that deserves to be explored.

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Does remote work have advantages? Of course! Iceland offers the opportunity to meet her and work. But you have to earn $88,000 a year with a remote job!


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