Hydrogen peroxide: 25 uses and benefits that you did not know

Have you ever had a painful encounter with the peroxide, especially as a child. Without a doubt, it is the magic tool of grandmothers to heal wounds, even if it hurts or burns a bit when applied. On this note, some uses and benefits that you did not know.

Today you can know that it has so many incredible uses for health, beauty and home that after reading this article you will want to run out and buy it. Even if it is, to keep it in a medicine cabinet and have it on hand in case it is necessary.

What is hydrogen peroxide and what is it for?

Its scientific name is hydrogen peroxide, a chemical compound formed by two molecules of hydrogen and two of oxygen (H2O2). Namely, like water, but with a little more oxygen: hydrogen peroxide.

It is a highly polar compound, slightly more viscous than ordinary water, known to be a powerful oxidant. Although it may be a colorless liquid with a pungent, unpleasant odor at room temperature, it is also found naturally in the air, via small amounts of gaseous hydrogen peroxide.

What is hydrogen peroxide used for? It’s very easy: it has antiseptic, disinfectant and antimicrobial components. For all this, you should know its domestic uses.

Hydrogen peroxide in health

As you may have noticed, hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is a powerful ally of health, as its properties allow us to keep infections of all kinds at bay. If you are wondering what hydrogen peroxide is for, you should know that these are the best uses you can give it at home:

As we said, this is the most traditional use of hydrogen peroxide, at least one that we all know. But do you know how it works? It’s actually an antiseptic, which means it prevents a wound from getting infected and getting worse.

Treating a wound with hydrogen peroxide is the first step, which prevents it from becoming worse, but if it is a large cut, other measures must be taken later.

  • 2. Eliminate foot fungus

What is called athlete’s foot is an infection of the toes, as common as it is unpleasant. Hydrogen peroxide can be a perfect natural remedy to combat this problem.

You should only mix 50% common water (if it is mineral, so much the better) with 50% hydrogen peroxide, and soak your feet in that mixture every night for about 10 minutes. You will see incredible results.

  • 3. Decongest the nose

Many times we find ourselves with nasal congestion that does not allow us to breathe properly. In addition to being very annoying, if this becomes chronic it can also harm health.

In general, this congestion is caused by mucosal infections. With hydrogen peroxide you can make a homemade spray that will allow you to decongest your nose and breathe much better. To do this, you just have to mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a small glass of water.

Imagine that being a powerful disinfectant, it is ideal as a mouthwash. In addition to eliminating bacteria and preventing the appearance of cavities and other oral health problems, it is also used especially to treat mouth wounds, such as canker sores.

To prepare this rinse you must add a splash of hydrogen peroxide in half a glass of water.

On the other hand, for those who want to know “uses of hydrogen peroxide”, they should know that it is super effective against toothaches. The same rinse above can also be used if you have a toothache. Of course: you should not think that hydrogen peroxide is an analgesic.

On the other hand, as it has the property of killing viruses and bacteria, if any of them is what is causing the pain, it will probably go away within a few days of using the mouthwash. If the pain does not stop, it will be essential to consult a dentist.

If you are thinking of performing an enema or rectal cleansing at home, a simple and efficient way to do it is by mixing a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a liter of warm water.

  • 7. Hydrogen peroxide uses: ideal for disinfecting contact lenses

If you wear lenses (contact lenses), chances are you have worn them at some time. And if not, you should start today, because hydrogen peroxide is the best product to disinfect lenses without harming them.

Hydrogen peroxide uses in the home

Hydrogen peroxide is also ideal to always have close at hand when cleaning the house, since it is a natural, cheap and high-performance product. These are some uses that you can give it.

The bathroom is one of the places in the house where fungi and bacteria accumulate most frequently, because it is usually an ideal environment for this type of microbes to proliferate. That is why cleaning the bathroom is essential and not just superficially. It is important to disinfect it well, and hydrogen peroxide is ideal for this.

In particular, it is used to sanitize the shower, the shower curtain, the tiles, the toilet and the taps. You just need to add two capfuls of hydrogen peroxide to a spray bottle filled with warm distilled water and start cleaning.

Mites are small parasites that can accumulate in corners of the house, in clothes that have been stored for a long time and, in general, in any space that accumulates dust. They can cause many diseases and, above all, allergies.

That is why it is important to remove them. If you think there are mites in any part of the house, you should use a 50/50 mixture (water/hydrogen peroxide) on the area to make them disappear.

  • 10. Clean the toothbrush

If you want to be able to leave your toothbrush very clean, you just have to submerge it in hydrogen peroxide between uses. This will keep germs away.

Crystals can sometimes be difficult to clean, and we always end up turning to industrial products. However, it is easier than it seems. Yes, you only need a little hydrogen peroxide to make a powerful homemade cleaner.

If we use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts, we will have created a very powerful glass cleaner that will leave glass and mirrors like new.

  • 12. Use with the dishwasher

If you want your crockery to be perfectly clean, this is a great option. Well, even if you have a dishwasher, you will know that things do not always turn out as you expect. The best solution is to pour a small jet of hydrogen peroxide into the washing box and you will see that your dishes will be shiny.

  • 13. Eliminate bad odors

Is there anything worse than having bad smells at home? With hydrogen peroxide you can end the problem right away. You only need to use a solution of 440 ml of hydrogen peroxide, with two tablespoons of baking soda and dish soap.

You should apply this to any space or object with a bad smell, and you will discover that it changes immediately.

  • 14. Disinfect children’s toys

We already know that children’s toys are usually in permanent contact with the ground or surfaces that are not completely clean. Therefore, a good idea is to disinfect them regularly. That doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. You can do it with a cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide every day.

Many times due to humidity, fungi begin to take over our garden. To avoid them, it is possible to use a mixture based on hydrogen peroxide.

To make it, use a 4-liter bottle. Fill it up and pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into it. Then, water your plants with this solution to prevent the roots from suffering from the appearance of fungi or from rotting.

As an alternative to bleach, hydrogen peroxide can be used to whiten white clothes. Just add a cup of the solution to the soaking clothes. So, if you ask yourself, what is hydrogen peroxide used for? Without a doubt, you have to know that it is ideal for removing difficult stains, but especially blood stains.

  • 17. Damp spots at home

Do you have humidity at home? It can be bad for health, beyond cosmetic damage. To remove them completely, use hydrogen peroxide. Thus, you will not only clean, but also disinfect the entire wall area.

  • 18. Anti-lice and anti-fleas

These types of parasites, in addition to being annoying, are contagious. They quickly spread throughout the house. How to stop them? Well, with hydrogen peroxide, of course. Simply pour it over your hair, let it act for a moment, and rinse it off. You will see great results.

Watch out! If you’re going to do this, you should know that hydrogen peroxide can bleach your hair.

Hydrogen peroxide in beauty

It is not only an ally in health and home. Hydrogen peroxide is also widely used in the field of beauty, and these are some of its uses.

Hydrogen peroxide is a great ally to remove skin blemishes. Using it regularly can give results in just two weeks. To do this, you should apply it directly to the stain using a cotton pad.

In the same way, this product can help you clean the dark spots that are generated in the armpits, caused by the mixture of deodorants and sweat. You must apply it in the same way that we mentioned in the previous point, bearing in mind that it will also help you avoid bad odor in the area.

Perhaps you have done this at some point in your life, because it is easy and efficient. If you use a mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide 3% with 50% plain water, and apply it to the hair in the form of spraylittle by little you will be able to lighten the hair naturally.

Not for nothing many hair dye products use hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient.

Of course, you should not go overboard when using hydrogen peroxide on the hair, because it can lose softness and strength.

Do you love to take long baths detox? Now you have a new ingredient to add! If you put 2/4 to 3% hydrogen peroxide into a bathtub or hot tub, it will make the bathroom much more cleansing. Plus, your skin will be amazing.

Hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen

Finally, you can also have a pot of hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen, which will help you on more than one occasion.

  • 23. Disinfect and purify fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables do not always come ready to eat, and it is always a better idea to disinfect them before eating. To do this, clean your ingredients by adding them to cold water mixed with a glass of hydrogen peroxide. Let stand for about 20 minutes. You will be able to clean all the impurities and possible agricultural chemicals from your vegetables and fruits.

Sometimes you need to store the salad, but you can never get it right. A touch of hydrogen peroxide can help you.

You only have to add a teaspoon to the remains of salads that you have not been able to eat, and then cover the container with plastic wrap. You will be able to preserve the salad much better.

Fats that are difficult to remove from the table, counter, cutlery… Use hydrogen peroxide! It’s the best thing to wear after eating to make sure everything is spotless for the next day.

Did you know all these uses? Now you know what hydrogen peroxide is for. Share it with your friends!


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