How will Venus affect your zodiac sign in 2022?

During the month of December the planet Venus will be retrograde and each of the signs will be positively or negatively affected. So it is important to know how venus retrograde influences your zodiac sign for the year 2022. In this way, you will know how to deal with it, since it will not take you by surprise, learn a little more about this phenomenon and how it will affect the signs. .

When does venus retrograde start?

The planet Venus enters its retrograde mode at least once every 18 months, during which time some things can go wrong. Money, work, and especially relationships can become uphill.

This year, the retrogradation of venus will last for 40 days and 40 nights in the sign of capricorn. Starting from December 19, 2021, until January 29, 2022 when the astrological phenomenon ends.

However, Venus retrograde has pre- and post-retrogradation phases, which must be kept in mind. The first is known as the pre-retrograde zone that begins on November 17, while the post-retrograde phase ends on March 1, 2022.

The effects caused by these retrograde phases will begin to influence the signs before and after venus retrograde ends. So some people tend to be attentive to any effect they may feel before or after the astrological phenomenon.

What is the meaning of venus retrograde?

For a long time, Venus has been known to be the planet of beauty and love, related to pleasure, money and art. The influence of this planet is very important in almost everything that has to do with relationships and socializing with other people.

In the study of astrology, Venus is often observed to learn a little more about the emotional changes of the signs. This means that during Venus retrograde it is linked to difficulties in the emotional field, which can even become a challenge.

Now, retrogrades indicate a rotation of the planets that occurs backwards and not forwards. In the case of Venus, when it turns retrograde, its rotation slows down and produces certain effects on people.

During this process, the movements of the Earth become faster than those of Venus. As a result, people experience the feeling that everything is moving faster than normal. And the truth is that this is exactly what happens when said planet enters retrograde mode.

Its effects can become even more significant than retrograde mercury, due to the movements of venus in the solar system. In addition, the planet is closer to Earth when compared to Mercury, so the energy that is handled is stronger.

What will happen when Venus goes retrograde?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Venus is closely linked to love relationships and social circles. The influence of Venus is also reflected in other very important issues, such as money and self-esteem.

When Venus goes retrograde, some people may start throwing money away for no reason. Then, the astrological phenomenon will cause feelings of regret in those who made the expense.

In the case of love relationships, Venus retrograde could affect them negatively, either by ending the relationship or creating many problems. However, relationships that are considered solid can prosper with the influence of venus.

The retrogradation of Venus in 2022 will occur in Capricorn, being a sign that is characterized by its direct and hard-working personality. When Venus is in Capricorn, the priorities become money and business projects. However, during the retrograde it is essential to know very well the type of businesses and partners with whom there is a relationship.

Venus retrograde pushes people out of their comfort zone, in search of new professional challenges. The same happens with love relationships and with those in which it is possible to create a bond of friendship.

How does venus retrograde affect zodiac signs 2022?

All signs are affected by Venus Retrograde, whether positively or negatively, it is always important to be prepared. It should be remembered that this phenomenon will begin on December 19, which means that the year 2022 will begin with Venus in retrograde mode.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Venus in its retrograde state will cause emotions to become more intense for Earth element signs. In this case, it is about Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, signs where the dominance of the planet of love will intensify desires in couples.

In addition, for these signs there can be many opportunities to grow in the personal field. In the part of work and finances there will also be many changes that can be very positive. Everything will depend on the decisions that are made when the opportunities present themselves.

Libra, Aries, Cancer

On the other hand, for Libra, Aries and Cancer, they must be very careful, since Venus retrograde could be very difficult for these signs. The effects of venus can generate long periods of tension that will affect relationships and of course, the affective part. In other words, Venus retrograde has a negative influence, causing senseless jealousy and an excessive increase in possessiveness.

When it comes to social circles, the arrival of Venus can take things to an unfavorable point. Therefore, it is recommended to have a lot of patience, since meetings with friends and even love proposals will not go well at all.

During the astrological phenomenon it is not a good idea to make purchases recklessly, this will only bring fleeting gratification followed by enormous regret. Therefore, prudence when making any type of expense should always be kept in mind.

Keep in mind that when a planet enters its retrograde phase, unfavorable situations can happen. Venus retrograde requires a period of reflection and analysis from start to finish.

Although venus in its retrograde mode will affect all signs in 2022, some are less benefited than others. In the case of Cancer, this is in the opposite direction to Capricorn, which will be the sign where the retrogradation of Venus will spend the night. Aries and Libra are situated at an unfavorable angle in the path of Venus. Therefore, the three signs are the ones that must be most careful while venus remains retrograde.

Scorpio and Pisces

Although it is true that the signs of the Earth element such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, will be the ones that obtain the most benefits from Venus. Scorpio and Pisces will also be able to take advantage of the passage of Venus retrograde through Capricorn.

However, it will not be as significant as in the Earth signs, that is, despite being favored, it will be to a lower extent. But the sensations will be more positive compared to the rest of the zodiac signs.

Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo

For these signs the sensations can become more neutral when compared to the rest. In some cases they may be affected, while in others luck smiles at them, even so, they should not forget to take precautions before the arrival of Venus retrograde.

Impulsive moments, sexual attraction, problems in affective relationships, unnecessary expenses. These will be the great enemies of all the signs during the arrival of Venus retrograde.

What to do before the arrival of retrograde venus?

Staying calm is the first piece of advice everyone should take when Venus turns retrograde. It is also important to establish a period of reflection on each of the personal areas. Emphasizing love life, social circles, career growth and money.

Likewise, it is essential to begin to make an assessment of your own needs and not only think about what you can do for others. Beyond the negative situations that may arise in some signs, from another point of view it may be an opportunity.

In other words, take a look back to continue those jobs or activities that for some reason were paused. It is a good way to gain new momentum to find the necessary inspiration for future projects.

If you belong to one of the favorable signs due to the passage of Venus in Capricorn, you should make the most of it. Otherwise, calm will be the key to face any conflict that arises from the beginning to the end of Venus retrograde.

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