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A fun and very gastronomic event that makes our mouths water just thinking about its arrival, Tortilla Day must be celebrated by eating tortillas, this is what tradition dictates, but how is it prepared? What other activities can we do? And ultimately,How is Tortilla Day celebrated?? This depends on each place, because there are towns and villages where they have their own traditional activities and even impose different dates for their celebration. Let’s see it.

Rule 1 of mandatory compliance on Tortilla Day: eat tortilla

It is the basic rule of any self-respecting tortilla day. Must eat omelette. It is better if it is homemade, although we know that our day to day is so busy that perhaps on your holiday you do not feel like getting into the kitchen, so it is also valid to buy the tortilla made in any tortilla shop. In fact, today there are many businesses dedicated precisely to this delicious typical dish and you can buy tortillas of different sizes, even XXL, to pay tribute to yourself and share with your loved ones.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in Ávila

In Ávila, on March 25 they have their tortilla day. And it is customary for celebrate Sanchidrian, go to the river to eat an omelette of at least 6 eggs, potato, with two pieces of loin and two sausages. The tortilla portion is placed in loaf bread and ready to eat! Tortilla buns are another delicacy that is prepared for this day.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in Lugo

This day is very important in Viveiro, where it is the Sunday before Palm Sunday. Do you see how each place puts its date for celebrate tortilla day? The local people go to the beach or go to the countryside (according to preferences), and they do so in the company of friends and family. There everyone eats different types of tortilla. Although all of them made with potatoes.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in Badajoz

In Badajoz and, specifically, in the Municipality of Talarrubias, Tortilla Day is April 20. Although it is not uncommon for the date to be altered. People go to a place known as “El Corchuelo”, and spend the day eating what each one has brought to share. Naturally, the tortilla should not be missing.

And being in Badajoz, we cannot leave aside Villanueva de la Serena. Here the day of the tortilla is not only special, but it turns out that it is precisely where apparently the potato omelette was created.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in Cáceres

Another lovely place to celebrate Tortilla Day it is Peraleda of San Romanin Caceres. Generally, the chosen date is Easter Sunday and the meeting place is the banks of the Tagus or Gualija. they eat tortillas accompanied with homemade sausages and pitarra wine is drunk.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in Torrija, Guadalajara

Other plan for Tortilla Day is to go to Torrija, in Guadalajara. There they celebrate it on Fat Thursday and prepare an omelette with potatoes, fried chorizo, loin and torreznillos. The tortilla or tortilla portion is placed in a round bun open in the middle. He takes an orange (if possible the largest there is) and wraps everything in a bundle based on a cloth napkin. This custom is known as “tortilla running.” If the napkin has pictures or decorations, the better. And besides, tradition dictates that friends made a common fund of money to buy drinks and salads with which to accompany the tortilla.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in León

In León we have two places where this event is celebrated in style. One is La Baneza, where people go to the field. A prominent place here is the Rock of San Blas, space for the meeting of many friends and families. While in SahagunOn the Sunday before Palm Sunday, people usually go to a farm in the countryside to celebrate. And on this day the steps of Holy Week are also auctioned. They live what they call “Sunday Tortillero”.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in Madrid

Madrid gives a lot of importance to this day. Each municipality organizes different acts or experiences it in a different way. Although the common plan is to go to the field to eat tortillas, accompanied with sausages or other foods and in company.

Fuenlabrada stands out, where the pilgrimage of Santa Juana, a very miraculous nun who was in Cubas de la Sagra. Later, there are those who changed the venue and began to go to the Parque de Polvoranca.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in Palencia

If you are in Palencia, sign up for this place: the Municipality of Calzada de los Molinos where, on the Sunday before Palm Sunday, people go to the Mount Carrionto eat tortillas in the middle of a beautiful forest of oaks and oaks.

How to celebrate Tortilla Day in Zamora

In Zamora we have to stop because, in the Comarca de Benavente y los Valles, its famous “tortilla”. There is mass, procession and the fields are blessed. Then people go to the bodegas to eat tortillas and other delicacies from the area such as grilled meats, chicken served in clay pots, donuts, ugly and a good wine.

In the afternoon, it’s time for a verbena and until the body holds out, because tradition dictates that the party end in private with a group of friends. And the next day, the “Tortillín” takes place, where people gather again to finish off the leftovers from the previous day.

There are other places in Spain where they also organize plans or celebrate Tortilla Day with special activities, although the usual thing, almost everywhere, is to go to the countryside and to the parks to eat tortillas.

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