How to watch Netflix for free for life and legally?

When it comes to entertainment, Netflix is ​​positioned as one of the most popular platforms in the world. The quality and variety of its multimedia content allows you to enjoy the series and movies of the moment. In addition, it has content packages designed for various types of users. For this reason, many users are looking for different ways to watch Netflix for free for life and legally. In this way, they will be able to continue enjoying hours and hours of entertainment without paying or carrying out illegal actions.

What are the methods to watch Netflix for free for life?

For those who are looking for a way to legally watch Netflix for free for life, they should know that there are several methods to make it possible. Best of all, each of the following procedures does not break any laws. This means that you will be able to enjoy your favorite series and movies through Netflix for a long time and at no cost.

Free trial without registration

Depending on the country, Netflix offers up to 30 days of completely free trials. This is the fastest and easiest way to access the content of said platform without having to pay anything at all. However, since it is a free trial, this method is a bit limited, since you cannot access all the content.

To enjoy this method, the first thing is to access, then a window will open. In this window will appear the content that can be enjoyed without paying and without making any registration. You just have to choose the series or movie from the list that appears on the screen, click on “watch now” and then on “play”.

However, this is a method that is not available in all countries and, as mentioned above, is very limited. Even so, it is a procedure that allows you to watch Netflix for free for a month, without any cost or registration.

Extend free trial days

Another way to watch Netflix for free for life is through the 30-day free trial. Unlike the previous method, in this case it is necessary to register to have access to free content for a month. To achieve this, you must access the Netflix website and subscribe for free for thirty days.

It is important to register using an email account and choose a password that will be used to access that account. After completing the registration, you will have to indicate which payment method will be used once the one-month free trial ends. This is in case the user wants to go to the paid subscription and leave the free one behind.

Depending on where you are, there is the possibility of extending the time of the free subscription. This is achieved by chaining several free trials, it seems incredible, but it is possible to carry out this action. The method is to cancel the one-month free trial before it comes to an end. Later, wait until you can have access to another free month without problems and without breaking the laws.

The Netflix platform offers another 30-day trial for those users who were not very satisfied. However, it is a method that cannot be used indefinitely, since it is only possible for a maximum of approximately 90 days. Although it is not exactly the best method to get free Netflix for life, you can enjoy its content for free for several days.

Shared Account

When the free trial time ends, another alternative to watch Netflix for free for life is through a shared account. For this it is necessary to gather several people, whether family or friends, then choose a person to register. In this way, the cost of the subscription plan is significantly reduced, making it very affordable.

Depending on the chosen Netflix plan, price and content varies, in addition, the shared account allows you to use it on several devices at the same time. There are three types of subscription which are the basic plan, the standard HD and the Premium ultra HD. In the case of the first, it only allows the use of the account on a single device. But the Standard HD plan and Premium Ultra HD plan can be used on two and four devices respectively.

Therefore, one of the ways to enjoy free Netflix for life is to talk to a family member or friend who has a multi-device account. There are users who join the Ultra HD account to enjoy the best HD content.

If you know a person with this type of subscription and who is not using the maximum number of screens allowed, then it is an option. If the person is close enough, they may have no problem sharing the account without charging you anything at all. This way you can watch Netflix for free permanently and at no cost.

However, this plan can be paid by four people and the cost would be reduced to practically free. In this case, each person would have to pay just 4 euros per month, being an affordable price. But first, it is advisable to check the price and available promotions on the Netflix page.

through referrals

It may not be one of the best known alternatives within the Netflix community. However, when it comes to watching Netflix for free for life, this is certainly a great option. The platform has a referral program in which it is possible to enjoy the content at no cost. The only thing you have to do is recommend other people to use this streaming platform.

To simplify, it is a system in which the platform gives away balance that can be used to pay for a subscription plan. But it is necessary to have a personalized referral link to share when making the recommendation.

When a user accesses through the personalized link, the platform will pay a certain amount of money. This will serve to pay for the subscription itself without paying anything at all. To access the referral method you must enter the account through a browser and click on the icon that has the shape of a gift. This can be displayed at the top right of the main screen.

In this window a small box will appear with the personalized link, you just have to click on “copy link” and share it. In this way, many bonuses are obtained that are converted into credit to cover the cost of the subscription.

Pay attention to netflix promotions

Sometimes, the platform offers certain promotions in which it is possible to obtain a free Netflix account for life. For example, several months ago the platform launched a promotion where the prize was a free subscription for a thousand months. Yes, you read that right, 1000 months, which means more than 80 years of totally free programming. This means that you can enjoy Netflix for free for life, which is really amazing.

However, this promotion has already ended a while ago, since it was only carried out to promote the movie La Vieja Guardia. But it is important to be attentive to the promotions that the platform offers through its social networks. Although it is not the easiest way to get a free account, it is one of the legal ways.

Through third parties

Due to the great popularity of Netflix, today it is possible to enjoy the platform through operators and cable companies. These offer certain services with which you can obtain a completely free subscription to the platform. Depending on the place and the operator, you can get subscriptions ranging from three to six months. But these are promotions, so they are not always active and are not available in all countries.

Keep in mind that each of the methods shown are used to watch Netflix for free legally. This means that at no time is piracy or the use of illegal procedures encouraged. There are various methods with which you can enjoy the content of this platform without problems. Even paying the subscription is not so expensive if it is divided among several, so it is more than affordable and would be almost free.