How to Take Sensual Photos: 12 Ideas to Inspire You

Sensuality or the ability to attract people, be it on a physical or emotional level, is a real challenge on a visual level. It is not easy to portray something that is based on the senses, that seeks to move us or make us feel in an explicit but subtle way, elegant and natural at the same time, sweet but not innocent.

Sensuality is not easy to portray, because it is the sum of many things, of many ingredients in their proper proportions. Because a little too much here or a little too much there turns a sensual photograph into something else.

The line between sensual and grotesque or sexual is sometimes very, very fine. It is a matter of good taste and knowing how to establish the necessary limits.

Oh, and of course, it’s a matter of practice, trial and error; and inspirational. I leave the first one in your hands, the second I serve you today with some sensual photographs that I hope will be inspiring 😉

Ideas for taking sexy photos

1. Elegance and sensuality

Never forget that sensual photographs must be elegant and suggestive. Sticking to these principles will keep you “safe” from falling into images of other styles.

2. The look

You already know that the look is the mirror of the soul. If you intend to convey sensuality, your model must feel confident, safe and calm. Thus, his gaze will transmit that self-confidence that we often associate with beautiful people, which in turn we associate more easily with sensuality.

The look is essential

3. The pose

A relaxed and natural posture is usually the most advisable for this type of photography, although variety is what pleases. You can find someone very sensual doing a handstand, but come on, it’s not usual 😉

At the moment of choosing the poses, it is very important not to forget that there is a very fine line between sensual and sexual, be careful with what you want to show.

The importance of the pose

This woman poses article may help you.

4. Details in sensual photos

Playing with the most sensual details of the body you are photographing usually gives very good results. It is a very part of the essence of sensuality, to suggest more than to show, to play with certain areas or daring settings, that allow a glimpse without showing, that suggest without being excessively explicit.

play with the details

5. Get closer

Surely the close-ups or the detail plans They may not be something you can throw yourself into right away, but probably if the climate of the session is pleasant and you break the ice little by little, there will come a time when getting closer will not be inconvenient, and you will be able to take more intimate photographs. than with more closed planes.

come closer

6. Sensual black and white photos

And we can’t talk about elegance without including some black and white image, don’t you think? Of course it is not mandatory, but it is advisable that you do some of it thinking in black and white, elegant and sensual where they exist 😉

7. Does not distinguish sex

Although it is true that sensuality is usually associated more with femininity than with masculinity, and that we tend to find many more feminine than masculine images, this does not mean that the masculine gender is “separated” from this type of images.

Sensuality does not distinguish gender

8. Strive to create a good atmosphere

To obtain spontaneous images it is essential that you break the ice with your models, that you make them feel relaxed and confident. A forced image is easily perceived and makes you lose all possible sensuality.

Getting a relaxed atmosphere is very important

9. Use accessories

Lingerie, high-heeled shoes, necklaces, shirts, and everything that makes your models feel comfortable and free in their “sexy role” will help you express yourself in the image.

use plugins

10. Don’t forget the face

Not only the body radiates sensuality, the face is equally important and suggestive, do not forget to include a portrait in your selection.

Do not forget to portray the face

11. Symbology

We not only perceive sensuality through a body, we can also do it through symbols that inspire sensuality in us.

use symbols

12. Lighting in sexy photos

The way we light an image is essential because it makes the same image convey completely different sensations simply by changing the angle of light and the type of lighting.

control the lighting

What did you think of the images? Would you dare to create your own photo session full of sensuality? Do you want to try Boudoir photography? Do you know someone who does? Then share it on your usual social network to inspire as many photographers as possible 🙂 Thank you and see you next time.