How to set up a property administration? |

From the point of view of the law, the administrator has the character of a management body, so the choice of a good Property Administrator is vital to achieve total harmony in the day-to-day life of a community of neighbors.

The main purpose of the property manager is make life easier for the owners of the farmsince it is the property manager who has the necessary level of knowledge in regards to technical issues, as well as legislative.

Among the fundamental functions are the maintenance of the building, advice for gensure compliance with current regulations. Likewise, it deals with the management of legal and economic aspects such as the collection of fees or contracting services among others.

Why do neighbors prefer to hire a property manager?

It prevents the president from having to be up to date on the latest regulationsit can be supported in the administrator.

they get discounts in services such as cleaning or elevator maintenance, since they negotiate prices for several communities, not just one.

I know deal with the management unpaid (what we know as defaulters), which can be a bit awkward to deal with directly between neighbors and lead to conflicts between them.

How much does a property manager earn?

First of all, you should consider that the property manager’s rates are free, so that the manager can set his rate based on supply and demand.

Let’s have a general idea about the salary of the estate manager, the average price per hour worked ranges from 38 euros. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the monthly hours that he dedicates to his professional activity, as well as the number of farms to manage and the services that he provides in each case.

You know cHow to set up a property administration!.