How to reduce inflammation in the stomach due to stress?

Who has not suffered at some time in a stressful moment? It is known that stress can cause changes in the body, such as lack of appetite and weight loss; or just the opposite: excessive appetite and the famous “nervous swollen belly”.

both a stress swollen stomach Like the classic sudden weight loss, they are very common symptoms during times of crisis. It is that the brain hyperexcites and activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, generating orders to manufacture certain hormones. In this sense, when more adrenaline circulates than cortisol, the appetite shuts down and when cortisol is high, it opens up and it is possible to feel other discomforts such as inflamed stomachlower abdominal pain and the symptom of swollen and hard lower abdomen.

In the first instance, when feeling these types of symptoms, one usually thinks of indigestion or stomach problems, but many times the causes are generated by nerves, stress and/or anxiety. Everything is connected.

Having a bloated stomach is common during times of stress or anxiety.

Stomach pain due to stress: symptoms

The stomach pain symptoms or inflammation of the stomach due to stress are very specific to each person. However, in general, there are some that are usually very characteristic when the cause of the discomfort is stress, and they can appear alone or many of them together. For example:

-Dry mouth.

-Retching or nausea.

-Lower belly swollen and hard accompanied by colic.

-Constipation or diarrhea.

-Lack of appetite.

-You want to eat all day.


How to fight the nerves in the stomach

Fighting the nerves in the stomach will be a more complete job for the mind and the body, since when the cause is stress, there is no medicine or magic formula that will cure it. Therefore, it will be 100% necessary to connect with the cause that generates nerves or stress in order to overcome it and stop feeling physical ailments.

Connecting with the cause that generates nerves or stress is essential to treat belly pain

Some tips to keep in mind when combating stress, and therefore the associated symptoms, are:

One of the first steps to take is to look for and detect the thoughts and concerns that generate states of anxiety or stress in order to rethink and modify them.

However, it will also be important to know that many times finding the thoughts or concerns that generate negative states is very difficult, and in these cases it is necessary to go to a mental health specialist.

  • Avoid everyday stress

Avoiding daily stress is perhaps one of the most difficult activities when it comes to recognizing that one has a problem. However, a good prior organization of the day is a great ally to feel a bit of order and peace. Using calendars on the computer, on the cell phone or in an agenda could be of great help during these periods of nerves.

  • Meditation and relaxation exercises

Learning to breathe correctly and create a climate of relaxation on a daily basis can be of great help on the way to overcoming moments of stress. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take meditation classes or activities that help relax the body and mind, such as yoga, pilates or stretching, whichever is best for the needs and tastes of each person.

Meditation exercises can help combat stress and relieve symptoms.

Obviously, cardio or strength exercise is also recommended, as it helps release endorphins and generate a state of well-being.

In times of great stress, the worst thing that can happen is to fall back into a combination of nerves and anxiety with a poor diet. At these times, it is recommended to abandon high-calorie and fatty foods, carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages, as they will only generate more pain and inflammation in the stomach.

The ideal, when one perceives symptoms associated with stress nerves, is to lead a life as healthy as possible, which includes the intake of plenty of water, fruits, vegetables and foods that provide energy.

  • Drink relaxing drinks and infusions

Without a doubt when it comes to abdominal pain, heartburn or nausea, no one wants to eat heavy foods and make the problem worse. Even the addition of a “stomach relaxant medicine” It can also worsen if there is no good nutrition base in the body, generating gases or more ailments.

Natural infusions also help reduce stress and associated symptoms.

That is why it is recommended to take some natural infusions that help reduce the intensity of the symptoms. Some can be:







Valerian infusion.

Do you know other methods to reduce the inflammation of the belly during stressful moments?

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