How to protect yourself and get rid of the evil eye

Maybe you think you have an evil eye; that is, that someone has cast the evil eye on you in recent days, either because he is envious of you, because he hates you or it may even be the case that he simply did it without wanting to.

The evil eye as a process is, according to popular belief, the effect of the envy or admiration of the “sender”, who through his gaze (either directly, in symbol or even mentally) causes evil in the envied or admired.

However, the evil eye is not always voluntary or implies bad intention. If a person inadvertently attracts negative energies, they can cause a stare simply by looking hard or touching another.

The origin of the evil eye dates back to ancient Babylon and Egypt, having also been observed among Sumerians and Hittites. These towns thought that the evil that nests in the human being comes out through the eyes. The curious thing about this belief is that, in geographically distant places, different cultures have attributed evil powers to certain types of gaze and have sought different ways to protect themselves against them.

In Asia, the peoples of Anatolia, for example, have used a blue glass eye as an amulet. The reason that this is the color that protected them, apparently, comes from the fact that their invaders, the Nordics, belonged to an ethnic group with blue eyes, which led them to believe that, just by looking at them, they provoked them. “nazar” or evil eye.

Today, in many small towns in western Turkey, these glass eyes are still produced in primitive home ovens and are used as amulets. For this, they use recycled glass that they mix with cobalt, opal and zinc to obtain the desired color. To be most effective, they must be cooked with pine wood.

In Latin America, many indigenous people, for example the Bolivian Aymara, refuse to allow themselves to be photographed, to allow themselves to be seen through a device unknown to them; and when someone tries, they turn their backs and, if they insist, they get angry.

In Chile, babies are often crossed, in a kind of union of Christian and pagan traditions; In Peru and Mexico, an egg or a guinea pig is passed all over the affected person’s body to extract the evil.

In Venezuela, “the navel” of the newborn is ordered to be prepared once it comes off a few weeks after being given birth. This is done by sorcerers or healers who pray and place the navel in a small red case to carry it as an amulet or place it in the baby’s cradle.

In Africa, the evil eye is a highly feared ceremony that is generally practiced by sorcerers; they always try to make their victim aware that the curse has been carried out and, if in the region the sorcerer is considered to have power, the affected person does not even try to fight the curse, so sure is he that his luck cannot change.

In Europe, for example, children wear a piece of red coral around their necks to combat it and the “fig”, often carved in jet, has been a symbol used by various peoples to get rid of the curse of malicious looks.

In Greece, the nazar is also common, also called the Greek eye, which represents an eye whose iris is predominantly blue-celestial, it has been used since ancient times in necklaces or in komboloi and begleri, etc.

In Italy, especially in the Mezzogiorno, the descendant of the itifalo, called cornicello or cornetto portafortuna, is frequent. In Spain, in the region of Murcia, the Caravaca cross is used as protection.

Types and symptoms of the evil eye

There are several kinds of “evil eye” and each one is identified by a name and manifests itself with different symptoms:

The drying eye: the person who wears it begins to lose body weight without realizing it, because even if they eat normally, it generates a change in their physical appearance.

The goofy eye: it is so called, since the people who present it are constantly distracted, seeming to have attention disorders and completely ignoring what is happening around them.

The evil eye in children: although it is not identified with a name as such, it is no less important; in fact, according to believers, it can be very dangerous. They may suffer from symptoms such as lack of appetite, disinterest in their surroundings, self-absorption, immobility, constant sleep, crying for no reason, severe headache and distraction at school, among others.

The evil eye in young people and adults: in them it manifests with symptoms such as loss of appetite, fever, insomnia, nightmares, dizziness, depression, nervous tension, loss of sexual appetite, lack of energy, tightness in the chest as a bad feeling, fever and loss of love or family relationships, money, or business.

How to know if you are suffering from the evil eye

oil rite


  • 1 white plate
  • Water and cooking oil.


Prepare a bowl or container with water and a glass with the oil. The person who thinks they may be angry should insert their index and middle fingers into the oil and let them drip onto the water. If it were clogged it is believed that the oil would disperse into a huge number of droplets or even sink into the water.

lemon rite

Find a room where you can be quiet and there are no interruptions from other people. Place a plate and divide two lemons into four parts, making a cross (without breaking it off).

Pour three tablespoons of brown sugar in each of the lemons and place the plate with them under the bed, for three days, when you sleep.

After this time, look at the lemons. If they have turned black, you are a victim of the “Evil Eye”. If the lemons have turned greenish, you are free from their influence.

egg rite

Pass an egg all over your body, while praying a prayer of your choice. Break it up and pour it into a glass of water. Analyze the yolk, you must observe in detail. If a strange mark appears on it, it means that you are aojadpo. Now, be surprised: if there is an elongated figure, the hexer is a man, and if it is oval, then she is a woman.

How to protect yourself and cleanse yourself from the influences of the evil eye

  • Pour vinegar and coarse salt into a bucket full of water. Scrub the corners of the house, starting from the place farthest from the entrance door and ending with it. Upon reaching the entrance, make the sign of the cross.
  • Look for a stone that can become a kind of protective amulet, such as black tourmaline that cleanses negative energies. Place it near where you sleep, as it will absorb bad vibrations.
  • Natural therapies with reiki: this practice, although it is a tool for self-knowledge, personal growth and that helps relaxation or meditation, is also used to facilitate the natural healing of others. The therapist or reiki expert channels universal energy and directs it directly, to promote healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The therapist places his hands on different areas of the body of the individual receiving the treatment to transfer the flow of positive energy and restores what was lost at the time it was affected by the evil eye.
  • Placing a red ribbon or thread around the wrist of the right hand or the right foot of a newborn or months old child. It is important that the tape does not squeeze the baby.
  • Wear pendants or earrings known as the name of Fatima’s hand, which represents an outstretched hand.
  • Make a magic bag against the evil eye. It is required to cut three crosses from the same cloth with which the bag is made, a piece of Easter candle, a clove of garlic, star anise, incense, “male garlic” and green anise. After adding all these elements to the bag, it is tied and placed inside the person’s dress in order to protect themselves.
  • Place fragments of the newborn’s umbilical cord in a bag and put it in the baby’s crib or clothing. This has been a widespread practice in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Put under the bed a small plate with four coals in the shape of a square. The symbol and the element will absorb any bad vibes that come from outside. The next day, it is necessary to change them for others, being careful not to touch the old ones. Throw away, where there is land, since it will absorb them. When you leave, load a piece of this element in your bag.
  • An object of red color: always carry the color red with you, be it in a necklace, a bracelet or any object you want. This will make you always be protected and away from envy.