How to prepare drops to regulate your menstrual cycle naturally

From very ancient times, plants were used as the basis of natural medicine. Each of them was considered according to its properties and used for the benefit of physical and mental health, by our ancestors.

With the arrival of the pharmaceutical industry, which, paradoxically, has also been based on the effects produced by plants, we have moved away from them and “lost” that knowledge. Yet it is there, within our grasp.

That is why in this note we invite you, above all, to lose your fear of recovering that natural knowledge. For example, in the case of women, it is common for them to present irregularities in the menstrual cycleespecially because of the pace of life so far removed from the rhythms of nature that we lead.

Wormwood, holy herb, or mugwort is a medicinal plant that is indicated in cases of irregularities such as long periods or amenorrhea; since it acts by generating stimulating the uterus (For this reason, it is not recommended in cases of pregnancy or lactation, since it could be abortive).

In this note you will learn how to make a wormwood or mugwort mother tincture to get your cycle back to normal.

Of course: keep in mind that you should always consult your doctor and/or trusted professional to rule out any other problem that may be causing these irregularities.


  • Fresh mugwort and if possible organically grown.
  • White alcoholic beverage (vodka, brandy or pomace). Drinkable alcohol should always be used.


  • Wash and dry the plants.
  • Place them in a clean, sterilized glass container.
  • Fill the container with alcohol to the top. The ratio is: one part of plant for two of alcohol.
  • Stir.
  • To close.
  • Store in a dark but warm place, such as the kitchen pantry.
  • From there and for 15 days, let it rest, stirring the content periodically, covering the plant with alcohol at the rate at which it evaporates.
  • Then filter using a cloth filter,
  • Transfer the tincture to a dark glass container, preferably with a dropper.
  • Label the container detailing the date and content.
  • Store in a place away from sources of heat and light.

How to use it?

Usually it is recommended to take half of the body weight in drops, but this is personal, so each one should consult a specialist about what is most appropriate for their situation. Do not underestimate the effects of plants.

Important: It should be clarified that Bioguía does not give medical advice or prescribe the use of techniques as a form of treatment for physical or mental problems without the advice of a doctor, either directly or indirectly. In the case of applying any information on this site for this purpose, Bioguía does not assume responsibility for these acts. The site is intended only to provide information of a general nature to aid in the pursuit of personal growth and development.


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