How to plant zucchini or zucchini at home

At the end of winter or beginning of spring we are going to start making seedbeds for the plants that we will put in the garden in spring and summer, including zucchini (Zucchini, zucchini or zucchini) but also tomato or pepper.

When we make the seedbed for zucchini and other plants, it is always important to sow more, we are going to put more seeds than plants we will put in the garden, this is done as a precaution in case any seed does not germinate, and thus we do not waste time, since if Some fail us, we should start the seedbed again with what this entails.

The step of making the seedbed is very important and in the video I show you each and every one of the steps so that they germinate and grow in a healthy way, it is important to place the seedbed in a place where it gets direct sunlight, so if It’s still cold we must put it in a greenhouse.

Later in mid-spring, we will plant it in the orchard, and other tasks that we can do in its cultivation is to tutor it and prune it for a better production, apart from that it is also important to know how and why the fruits can be spoiled or even how to pollinate it manually. until the harvest! We will see it in more articles in the Bioguide or you can also see them on my YouTube channel! It sure is a great garden year! Cheer up!!!

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