How to plant an apple tree from seed

Apples are delicious, and also very healthy, because they provide vitamin E and C, and are very rich in fiber and potassium. Due to their high water content, they are very refreshing and moisturizing. In addition to all these benefits, they are also antioxidants.

The apple tree is the most cultivated fruit tree in the world. You can also plant it and have it in your house. However, for it to bear fruit, there are some secrets that you have to know.

How to plant an apple tree from seed

1. First of all, you need the seed, which you can get from the fruit. It’s best not to choose one that has been refrigerated.

2. Then you have to germinate the seed. To do this, wrap it in a damp kitchen paper (paper towel) and place it in a tightly closed bag. Put it in the refrigerator. It is better to have several seeds at the same time in case one does not prosper. Check every few days, but keep in mind that it will take about a month to germinate.

3. Once the seeds germinate, plant them in a pot, in fertile soil fertilized with compost. Dig a 1 or 2 inch (2.5 to 5 centimeter) hole and bury them, covered with soil.

4. Water always keeping the soil moist.

5. Watch your apple trees grow until they are 12 to 24 inches tall.

6. Now you have to deal with the complicated part. If you leave your apple tree like this, it will continue to grow, but may never bear fruit. To make sure it does, what you need to do is “graft” it: place a branch from another apple tree that does bear fruit on it, so that they become a single plant.

For this, you first have to get a branch. If possible, find out if it is a species compatible with an apple tree. Then, what you have to do is make an incision in the trunk of your tree and insert the branch of the apple tree, cut so that they coincide. Secure it with a bandage and tape until the two branches fuse.

In this scheme you can see the type of graft that works best with apple trees:

There are also other forms of grafting. You can read here more about how to graft fruit branches. Over time you will learn more about fruit trees and the grafting technique and you will be able to enjoy unlimited fruits at home!