How to make pots decorated with natural stones

To make decorated pots, the options are many and surely you can find one that suits your own style.

In this note you will learn how to make your designer pots with plaster and natural stone decorations, to decorate your garden or patio. You can use disused cans, a bin or start the project with plastic pots.

Remember that if you are going to plant on it, it is important that the base has some holes for drainage.


– 1 large can, container or plastic pot

– 1 plastic mesh

– Cast

– Natural pebbles

– sponge


1. The first step to make your decorated pots is to prepare the plaster in a suitable container and then apply a generous layer on the pot, can or bin that you have chosen.

2. After applying a layer of plaster, place a plastic mesh around the pot. On it, neatly add the natural stones so that they join correctly.

3. When you are done applying the rocks, the next step is to sponge them over to remove any excess plaster, and make the stones look great.

4. Finally, let it dry well, and it’s ready to use!

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