How to make homemade fernet, step by step

This is a simple recipe to prepare homemade fernet, where you only have to mix a few herbs and let them macerate for a while in alcohol so that it is ready. The ideal is to wait at least 2 months to consume it. The longer you let it macerate, the better, since before that date the alcohol flavor predominates. It is advisable to respect the amount of grams of the herbs, since some of them are somewhat bitter. In any herbalist you can get these elements, which are cheap.Ingredients: . 1 liter water. Vodka of your choice (4 parts of the total obtained) . Laurel 5 grams. Myrrh in tears 5 grs. Muña muña 5 grs. Cloves 4 . Cardamom 5 grams. Chamomile 5 grams. Carqueja 5 grams. Dry mint 5 grams. Gentian 5 grams. Lemon verbena 5 grs. Saffron 1 tsp. Liquid caramel 50 ccElaboration:1- In a pot over low heat (about 60°C) cook the herbs in water for approximately 10/15 minutes. 2- Stir for a few minutes until the infusions are integrated, and turn off the heat. 3- Let stand for 10 minutes and add the saffron. Let stand for 30 minutes and strain with a cloth several times until there are no sediments. Reserve.4- Add the vodka and liquid caramel, mix. Leave to rest for 2 or 3 months. *This appetizer is served in part as you like with homemade fernet with a cola. Source: “The return to vegetables”, by Dr. Carlos Hugo Burgtaller Chiriani