How to make gift bags with recycled paper

When you receive a gift, it will surely surprise you even more if it is wrapped in an original and striking way. But if every time you give something away you buy a bag or wrap it with paper that you are not going to use again, you will be generating unnecessary waste.

These easy DIY gift bags from recycled paper can solve that problem.

You can combine these wrappers with other sustainable gift wrapping ideas that will help you make a nice impression or make a very special gift, while remaining friendly to the environment.

Making these wrappers is very simple, and you won’t need many materials other than paper, a box and the gift you want to wrap.

– A box in which the gift fits inside

– Recycled paper or whatever you want to reuse

– Scissors

– Scotch tape


1. Take a piece of paper long enough to wrap around the box, or tape several together.

2. Fold the top edge of the paper inward for a neater finish and stronger bag.

3. Wrap the box with paper, taping the ends. Press on the edges of the box to mark the crease and highlight it.

4. Fold and wrap the bottom as if you were wrapping the box for a gift.

5. Secure it with clear tape, neatly.

6. Remove the box from inside your package.

7. Make some handles or handles for your bag with a ribbon, or by twisting another piece of paper to recycle. Secure them in the bag with tape or staples.

Wrap the gift you want in this original way!