How to make an oven-grill with a recycled barrel

If you are a lover of outdoor meals, in this article you can learn how to make an oven-grill with a recycled barrel that you can surely find thrown away as waste.

To do it, you will only need some basic knowledge about welding and cutting, but you will see that it is not very difficult and the result will be that you will be able to share a very special meal with your friends and family.

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Get started today!

– 55 gallon barrel (200 liters)

– Scotch tape

– Electric cutting tools

– Welder

– Metal mesh

– Angle iron

– Metal bar

– Box of 1/2″ steel tubes

– 2 hinges

– Steel reinforcement plates

– 2×1″ steel rods

– Sandpaper


1. You don’t need to buy a keg to start with, you may be able to find one that has been discarded and is in good shape.

Try not to use those that contained toxic chemicals, oil or fuel. Those that have contained food are preferable.

2. With the masking tape, mark the middle of the barrel, as shown in the photo.

3. Use the power cutting tool carefully (make sure to properly shield your eyes and hands) to cut the barrel along the line of the tape. This will form the lid of the grill that will also give you the oven function. Then go over the edges with sandpaper.

4. Light a fire inside the barrel to burn any kind of harmful substance that remains in it. Once cold, remove the ashes and clean with a hose.

5. Next, weld the mesh to the center of the barrel to use as a surface.

6. Using two lengths of 1.2-inch tubing, make cuts every two inches to form two crescents that will be attached to the ends of the barrel. Then, weld the cuts creating a solid base where the support legs will later be placed.

7. Attach the two hinges to join the cylinder and the lid. Reinforce with steel plates inside.

8. Assemble the support the height you want your grill by cutting the steel tube to form the legs. These should have a cut so they can be folded out for greater stability. Then, you will need to solder these parts and the legs to the grill.

You can also make a cut for the entrance of cold air, or a chimney.

Now that you have your oven-grill ready, you can cook your pizzas, your vegetables to make a delicious multicolored sandwich, or grilled zucchini stuffed with tomato. Enjoy all your cookouts!

In this video you will be able to know another alternative to do it vertically:

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