How to make a vertical garden on a pallet, step by step

Very good option to put plants on the balcony in an orderly way, and what better than with recycled things.

To begin with, if you have a choice, choose a pallet that is in the best possible condition. You have to be careful with protruding nails, splinters, etc. Once we have the pallet, we should sand it, and if possible varnish it. Otherwise, give it a few strokes of sunflower oil (which is very cheap), this would cure the wood, giving it a longer useful life.

Look for waterproof fabric (it is available in nurseries). Choose the part of the pallet that you want to be visible and we will cover the other part with the fabric as we see in the images. The ideal is to put a couple of layers so that it is more consistent and withstands all efforts well. Do not forget that you must also cover the lower part of the pallet.

Now you have to fill the pallet with soil and plant.

For this, lay the pallet on the ground, that will make your job much easier. Select the plants you like. Bushy plants with leaves and small flowers will look great, like those that grow in rocky environments (if you are interested in something ornamental). You can make the combinations that you like the most, you could even set up your small garden with lettuce, parsley, etc.

Once planted, you have to water. And do not lift the pallets right away, since you have to leave them on the ground, until the plants settle. The ideal would be a couple of weeks, but maybe less is enough.

And that’s it, here’s the result.

Keep in mind that soil, especially the top, tends to dry out pretty quickly. A good option would be to add a homemade drip irrigation so as not to risk forgetting.