How to make a therapeutic seed pad

The stress of everyday life usually generates contractures in the back and neck area. For relieve painyou can do these therapeutic pads with seeds.They are heated in the microwave to transmit heat and soothe muscle pain. They have a relaxing effect and adapt perfectly to the body.


  • – A piece of cotton cloth
  • – A needle
  • – Thread
  • – a scissor
  • – Seeds or rice
  • – Aromatic herbs or essential oil (optional)

Process1. Choose a piece of cotton cloth that you can put in the microwave. You can also reuse an old towel.

2. Decide which seeds you will use. The amount will depend on the size of the pad. Some options are flax, corn, rice, or buckwheat. Chickpeas are the best alternative, since they can provide up to an hour of heat and their rounded shape is very good for massaging the painful area. Cherry pits are also very effective.

You can add lavender, cinnamon or some aromatic herb. By heating the pad, they will release their aroma and enhance the relaxing effect. To achieve the same effect, you can also use essential oils. If you’re going to do this, you can add it to the seeds ahead of time so they take on the scent. 3. Cut the fabric to the shape you want. Then sew it together, leaving an opening to put the seeds in. If you don’t know how to sew, you can place the seeds in the center of a square of fabric, gather the ends in the center, and knot it. Another option is to tie the fabric at the ends like candy. 4. Introduce the seeds without filling the pad too much. It should be soft, not hard.5. Finish sewing the fabric. Make sure there are no holes where the seeds can escape.

6. When heating it, put it in the microwave for intervals (at minimum power), and test the heat level to avoid burns. You can also turn on the oven and preheat about 15 minutes. Then turn it off completely, and put the pad in there for a few minutes so that it warms up with the heat of the oven. Sources:How to make a therapeutic seed pillow Making A Microwave Heat Bag

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