How to make a soothing indoor fountain

Imagine that you come home after a day of work. You make yourself comfortable, settle into an armchair, close your eyes and prepare to put aside your worries while you concentrate on the peaceful sound of water falling on the rocks. Thanks to this project, you will be able to make this scene possible. Create this fountain to decorate and relax in your home. The procedure will be very simple for you. You will be able to have it working after a few minutes of work.

Materials and tools

It is important that you have all the materials at hand before you start working:

– A cutter
– A large pot, preferably ceramic, with its saucer (the one that is placed underneath to contain the drained water)
– Epoxy putty for plumbing work
– A 40 gph submersible pump (gallons per hour, which is equivalent to 150 liters per hour)
– A flexible hose that fits the pump
– A valve that restricts the flow of water: if your pump comes with a knob to regulate the volume of water, you will not need this valve.
– Bricks
– rocks
– Other decorative materials you want to include

1. Plug the drainage hole of the planter with the epoxy putty used for plumbing work. When it dries out, fill the pot with water and let it sit for a day or two to make sure it doesn’t leak. Then empty it and dry it well.

2. Before placing the rocks and water, place the planter in the place where you want to install it. Once finished, it will be too heavy to move.

3. Place the pump on the base of the pot, with the hose connected and the switch on.

4. Stack bricks or rocks around and on top of the pump to fill about two-thirds of the pot’s total depth.

5. Cut the excess of the flexible hose, so that it does not protrude above the pot. Next, put in the restrictor valve. This will allow you to adjust the flow of water. Arrange more rocks to hide the hose.

6. Add the water, plug in the pump and enjoy your fountain.

– It is important that the container is never empty while the fountain is on. If this happens, the pump may burn out.

– Observe your source. You will have to refill it periodically, since the water will evaporate over the days.