How to make a solar dehydrator

How to build a solar food dehydrator.

A dehydrator is a device that removes moisture from food to help preserve it for long periods of time. A food dryer uses a heat source and airflow to reduce the water content of food. Most fruits and vegetables have a high water content, ranging from 80 to 95% in most cases.

Some formats of dehydrators:


The operation of this machine is quite simple. Through a lower grid, cold or warm air (approximate Tº 20º C) is introduced, which passes through a conduit where it is heated by the sun’s rays (approximate Tº 60º C). Then it is circulated through a series of grids where the food that we are going to dehydrate is deposited. The heat evaporates the water deposited in the food and is subsequently discharged into the atmosphere. The assembly of this dehydration system is very simple. We will need the following materials:- Enough wood to assemble the entire structure (Measurements at the bottom).- Nails, screws and glue.- Grid.- Transparent plastic.- Black plastic.After obtaining these materials we began to assemble our entire machine. The first thing is to build the structure. The measurements and the design that must be achieved are as follows: As you can see in the image at the bottom of the dehydrator (calledmanifold) a black plastic has been placed that will allow later to heat the cold air. In addition, a detail to take into account regarding the valdaswhose distance is 15 centimeters between one and the other, is that they are removable to be able to better insert the food. When we have achieved the entire structure, we proceed to cover the dehydrator in its entirety with transparent plastic, except in the parts of the machine that are detailed below where we will put a grid. Once this is done, we will have the collector ready for use and enjoyment. Next you have a video where some more detailed data appearsin case you have any doubts.

Video that shows you how to make a solar dehydrator:

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