How to make a shelf… Invisible!

Home decoration says a lot about you; every detail, finish, chosen color and even the arrangement of furniture and objects is, for many, the moment to display their own creativity and create an original and welcoming environment.

The ideas to decorate and bring life to your home are endless! In this note you will learn a very original way to create a shelf, invisible!

It is a very good option to take advantage of small spaces, since it does not take up much space, it is practical, easy to make and you can place all the objects you want on it. Dare to build it and give your environments a very creative detail!


for two shelves

-2 old hardcover books with covers in good condition

– 2 square metal shelves

– 1 wooden board of the measurements of the books to be used

– Glue

– Clamps

– cutter

– Wood saw

– Nails


Option 1:

1. With the cutter, cut the pages of the book. It is a good opportunity to take advantage of one that you know that nobody will read again. Once you do, you will be left with just the caps.

2. Then place the book on the wooden plate and mark its outline for cutting.

3. Cut the board where you marked with a saw (you can also have a professional do this, but it’s not necessary).

4. Place the piece of wood inside the caps and add enough glue to cover this block and the metal shelf. Be careful not to do it too close to the edges so it doesn’t spread through the cuts.

5. Put the clamps to press everything until the glue dries. You can place a small piece of wood or cardboard in between so that they do not ruin the cover of the book. In the photo the metal piece is placed vertically, but so that your shelf looks like in the photos at the beginning, you can place it horizontally.

6. Secure them to the wall with nails, with the spine facing away from the wall. You can hang them vertically and place a few more books on top until the metal part of the shelf is hidden. Then you can put anything you want on top, such as decorative glass bottles, or design objects made from discarded buttons. You can even use it as a small library!

In addition, this option will also be used as a bookend on your shelves and thus prevent them from turning sideways, without anyone discovering that it is not just another book!

Option 2:

This is another option, which you can do with a strong book: glue its bottom cover, on the opposite side to the spine, to the support, screw it on the wall, and place whatever you want on top! Make sure they are light objects, because it is a more fragile model.

You can give your shelves all the uses you want! Here are some ideas:

Let your creativity express itself in all the environments of your home!