How to make a luminous rug

This luminous rug might have caught your eye and it will probably do the same in anyone who sees it because it is bright and so pretty. But it can also be very useful.

If you place it in a room it will serve to illuminate the way to bed when you already have the light off. You can also put it in the children’s bedroom when they don’t want to sleep without a light on.

But the best of all is that making it is very simple! You just have to weave with t-shirt or with strips of fabric around a led light hose. Below you can learn how to do it. Go ahead and build it!

T-shirt yarn is a very useful material for making quick knitting projects, since large surfaces can be woven in just a few minutes, unlike knitting in thread, wool or other more traditional materials. It is also very economical and ecological, since it is a ball of fabric strips that you can even make yourself from old cotton clothes.

LED light hoses are not very expensive either, they consume little electricity and projects like this can be done with them since they do not overheat.

  • A ball of t-shirt or long strips of cotton fabric
  • Thick crochet or crochet needle
  • a led hose

To make this rug, you first have to know how to make a crocheted or traditional crocheted t-shirt. But it’s very simple, and you can learn how to do it in this video that lasts only 10 minutes.

The basic crochet stitch that you need to know to make this rug is as simple as making a loop with the fabric and taking it out from the inside, helping you with the needle.

Once you know how to weave the traditional rug, you just have to do the same, but with the led hose inside each stitch. You should knit evenly and adjusting well, as seen in the images.

You will see that it is easy to make it firm and that, as you do so, it will take a circular shape.

When you get to the end of the hose, where it meets the wire, simply tie a knot.

And ready!

Once you have practiced weaving around a hose, you can try other shapes and colors, like this striped and heart-shaped pattern.