How to make a lamp with a recycled can

Among the objects that you can use more than once with another function, cans are one of the most versatile and economical. With them you can do from something very simple like a handmade centerpiece, to a kitchen to make a camp.

In this note you will learn another practical idea to reuse a can of paint or preserves such as peaches or pears in syrup: a luminous lamp! It will be so beautiful that you will forget about the old tin, and you can use it to decorate at Christmas, to illuminate your garden, or to decorate a child’s room so that they can enjoy imagining the beams of light projected on the wall like stars in heaven.

Look how much light it radiates!

  • A can (try not to be a soda, but a bigger one)
  • A drill
  • Paint of the color that you like, and brush
  • LED string lights (they can be the kind that alternately turn on and off, or you can use candles if you prefer)


1. Clean the can you are going to use well and remove the label, if it has one.

2. Turn the can over so that the base is up and alternately make holes in both the top and the sides, using the drill. Be very careful not to hurt yourself.

3. Remove the dust well and paint the can in the color you like best. Let dry well.

Note: Here you can take advantage of all your creativity and make a design that combines several colors or, why not, make a nice drawing.

4. Put the lights or candle inside, turn on, and voila!

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