How to make a home garden step by step?

It grows more and more people’s interest in eating healthy and carrying outthe extent possible, sustainable practices and that is why Among the most carried out actions is the home garden.

Not just for the awareness of caring for the planet, but the home garden serves to carry out a healthy diet and take care of the pocket, something that does not come bad in these times. Carrying out a conscious diet, knowing what is being consumed, how it was made, not worrying about labels and incorporating, more and more, natural products is one of the practices that has become fashionable in the last period but it seems that it is here to stay.

Although contrary to what many think, to To make a home garden it is not necessary to have very large spaces, or to have only a garden. With at least one balcony, even if it is small, you can do it and that is why in this article we are going to tell you the step by step to make a home garden.

What to take into account to do it

Beyond the clarification about the space, it is necessary that people who are thinking of making a garden in their homes know that it is not necessary to be an expert in the field or to have at least previous knowledge. With the following tips you will be able to set up your first gardens and with fresh and organic food from the balcony to the plate.

– Place. The main thing before starting is have defined the place where it is going to be planted and, if possible, knowing in advance which seeds or seedlings will be chosen to consider which characteristics will be best for that particular species. Anyway, usually need direct sunlight for at least 6 hours.

– Containers. At this point it is key know what type of plant species is going to be planted to choose the container. For example, if they are plants with deep roots, such as tomatoes, or with superficial roots, such as leafy plants. In the first case, a container of at least 40 x 40 centimeters will be required; on the other hand, in the second, no more than 10 centimeters will be needed.

As for space, although they currently sell beds specially designed for home crops, if you want to solve it with things from your home, such as making a home garden in pots, bottles or vegetable boxes, it is possible.

It The main thing is that the container where it is located gets holes at the base so that irrigation water can drain.

– Pass. In case you want to add more sustainable actions in your routine, you can compost, and transform solid waste into a nutritious fertilizer for your plants and if not get land that is fertile and nutritious.

– Crop. If you are just starting your garden, it will be convenient that instead of using seeds for your home garden, ecological, choose seedlings. Ideally, you can get organic, so you can eat healthily, without pesticides in them.

– Patience. And with these steps you are done. You just have to be patient and give each crop time to grow and that’s it. Let’s enjoy the food!

Hydroponic home garden

In this idea of ​​making home gardens, many people are interested in what is the hydroponicsand it must be said that doing it at home is much easier than its name suggests.

Crops made under this technique do not require land, one of the great differences with traditional orchards. How is this? very easy, the Plants feed on the minerals in the water itself, allowing more and more urban farmers to produce at home in this way.

It can be done in bottles, containers or pots, the important thing is that it is at least 10 centimeters deep; and it will be necessary to have the seeds or seedlings that you want to grow and with substrates that function as nutrients.

Homemade hydroponics: healthy gardens at home

With this technique the plants grow faster, not much space is required and water is saved since it is not lost by the soil, but is used by the plant.

If you are one of those who are interested in this type of crop or if you have never done it and you have doubts, you can find out in the article how to do homemade hydroponics, all the steps, advice and suggestions so that you have a good experience.

Have you tried making your home garden yet? What plants would you dare to start with?