How to make a hanging bottle planter

When you really want to have a garden or orchard, but little space, you need to be creative.

This is a great idea to make a bottle planter in a few easy steps… and without spending any money!

  • A bottle of soda, soda or juice (the bigger the better)
  • Cord, rope or shoelaces
  • Scissors, knife or razor
  • whiteboard marker
  • Hook or screw for sloped wall or ceiling


1. Make four holes around the neck of the bottle.
2. Make another one at the bottom so you can drain the water.
3. Draw the sides of the bottle as indicated in the image and then cut it with your scissors or knife. Having the space open, you can now place the soil with the seedling.
4. Place a hook on the sloping ceiling or wall where you want to place the pot.
5. Finally, tie the rope through the holes in the neck of the bottle, leave the necessary length to your liking and then tie it to the hook.


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