How to make a folding table, which does not take up space when you put it away!

If you have an apartment or small house, you will know that making the most of each space is a main premise when it comes to decorating and furnishing your home. Practicality becomes central to making each environment a comfortable and functional place.

In this note you will learn how to build yourself a table that, when not in use, you can keep hidden, and nobody will notice! In addition, it can also serve as a desk, or as a small library for your books.

Dare to do it!

– Woods:

a) 1 lumber 1 x 8 x 10′

b) 2 1 x 6 x 8′ lumber

c) 2 1 x 2 x 8′ lumber

d) 1 lumber 1 x 3 x 8′

– Drill

– Wood screws

– Wood glue

– Paint (optional)

-2 1-1/2″ hinges, 18-3/4″ and 22″ long

– 2 folding leg supports (optional)

– 1 panel of wood 19” x 27-7/8” x 1/4”

– Latch to save the table (optional)


1. Start by building the box where you will store the table so no one will notice it. For that you will have to form a wooden rectangle, joined by nails. Also use wood glue to secure all joints.

2. Once you have your box ready, add two upper and lower reinforcing pieces of wood to the frame that will serve to fix it to the wall. You must place them in the back of the box that you created in the previous point.

3. After joining the pieces, add as many shelves as you want, to make the most of the space inside the box.

4. Build the support on which your table will rest.

5. Before joining the pieces, you can paint them the color you like best.

6. When it has dried, glue the board onto the table support you created in the previous step, and secure it with nails as well.

7. Mount the table to the box using 1.5″ hinges to attach the bottom, and 1″ hinges for the top. Install a latch on the top of the box to keep it closed whenever you want.

8. Build the leg frame that will support the table when you unfold it, and mount it to the bottom of the table with a hinge. Here you can also install the folding supports.

9. Mount the box to the wall, taking into account the distance from the table to the floor.

Here you can see in detail the step by step, with the measurements included.

Start today to make the most of all your spaces!