How to make a Christmas tree with plastic bottles

When the end of the year approaches, we all want to decorate our houses with Christmas motifs, but it is also true that it is a time of many consumptions that are not always responsible, and that generate a lot of garbage. Therefore, it is good to think of alternative ideas to make the parties a little more sustainable. In this note, you will be able to learn how to make a Christmas tree with PET plastic bottles.

PET bottles are one of the most massively produced waste in the world, so it is necessary to think about ways to reuse them. For example, you can make flowers with PET bottles, with which you can decorate your home, and also your Christmas tree!

This Christmas tree is very simple to make, it will hardly cost you and it is also very light, which is why it is ideal for small environments where you need to move it, or for people who have just moved and want a small, economical and friendly tree. with the environment.

Learn to do it!


– Empty green PET bottles

– Scissors

– An old cardboard or plastic tube, or a sheet of thin cardboard.

– Scotch tape


1. Using scissors, cut the bottles into thirds, separating the base, spout, and flat body.

2. With the central pieces flat, make rectangles, and cut them in the form of fringes, as you can see in the images.

3. Use the spout of the bottle as a base, and make a tube out of rolled up cardboard. You can also reuse some old plastic tube or cardboard. Insert it into the beak and secure it with tape.

4. Take the strips that you cut like pine leaves, and place them one by one surrounding the tube with adhesive tape, taking care that it is neat and the union is not visible. Near the base you should use two or three strips at the same height. Higher up, you must place less quantity so that it is finer and finer and takes on a triangular shape.

5. Repeat the previous step until you reach the top of your tree. Finish it by placing a strip inside out, with the fringes facing up to make the peak.


If you like this idea, you can also decorate it with your own Christmas decorations made with recycled materials, and keep coming up with ideas for a sustainable Christmas!

In this video you can see the procedure more clearly: