How to make a cheap cover for your pool

If you want to have a pool, there are many ideas that can serve as an alternative to not building a concrete one or buying a plastic pool that is buried in the ground. If you need your pool to be removable, you can quickly put one together out of straw bales. You can also make a cheap version out of pallets or, if you want something different, you can even try an amazing natural pool.

Another option, if you don’t have a lot of space or money, are canvas pools because, who doesn’t like to have a place to sit and dip their feet in the water on a hot day?

Although they are very practical, canvas pools are not usually very resistant. This idea will allow you to build a cover for your canvas pool, or a deck that will help you turn it into a great pool with a lot of style in your garden.

In addition, it is built with pallets, which you can get without spending any money, so it is an inexpensive project, and you can adapt it to the pool you get, and the space you have in your garden.


– About 35 pallets (depending on the size of your pool)

– Strong wooden beams

– Nails

– A canvas pool

– Varnish

– Tools


1. Take the measurements of your pool, and based on them, think about the dimensions of your deck. Draw an outline. In this case, the pool is decagonal and the deck is square. The height is equal to that of the pool and each side exceeds the edge of the pool by about a meter.

2. From your design, create a wooden beam structure, first placing the vertical columns the height of the pool, and then crossing the horizontal ones above.

3. When you have the structure ready, disassemble the pallets, sand them and use their wood to cover both the surface and the sides of your deck. In some sectors you can use an entire pallet, and in others you will have to cut the wood, especially if your pool, like this one, has some shape with oblique edges, or is rounded. You can even build a ladder too. For that you only have to place shorter beams at one end forming a step.

4. Protect your deck with several coats of exterior varnish so it doesn’t get damaged by water and sun. You can also use natural paints for this.

5. Done! If you want the water to stay warm, you can make a simple solar heater out of hula hoops for your pool.