How to make a cat pot

If you like cats and plants, you will love this pot. Also, although it is so well finished that it does not look like it, it is made from a recycled plastic bottle!

Dare to do this easy and creative project. You can also learn how to make modular geometric pots or pots decorated with natural stones.

  • Plastic bottles
  • Bright white paint (synthetic or homemade, do it yourself)
  • Water resistant fiber (black and pink)
  • Scissors
  • White cotton cord or thread


1. First of all, you need a mold, which you can draw yourself or print (you can get it from the Brudiy blog). Also choose your bottle: the most suitable ones are those that do not have a flat base, but with “legs”, as you can see in the photograph.

2. With a permanent marker, mark the drawing on the bottle, and then cut it out. Between the base and the tip of the ears you should leave about 12 centimeters.

3. Paint the shape with synthetic paint or some other paint that sticks to the plastic and is shiny.

4. Draw the cat’s face with black and pink indelible markers or markers.

5. If you want to hang the pot, make two holes on the sides and pass a string.

6. Place gravel in the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage and prevent roots from rotting. You can also drill a drainage hole or use your cat as a pot holder and place another small, well-draining container inside.

Place your cat pot wherever you like!

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