How to make a bed for your pet with a pallet

Your pets are your best friends and, at bedtime, you surely like them to be as comfortable as you are. In addition, you can sleep with them, because it is proven that it is good to sleep with your dog and that having a cat is good for your health.

But if you don’t want them to sleep in your bed… You can build a really nice one for them out of a pallet!

In addition, you will be recycling, so you will not spend practically any money and you will be helping to take care of the environment. You can even put wheels on it, so you can move it around different rooms in the house, to always have your friend close by.


– a pallet

– Nails

– Brush

– Sandpaper

– Fungicide (which you can do naturally)

– Paint

– Optional: wheels and a cushion


Making this bed is very simple:

1. Get a pallet and cut it to fit the size of your pet. Even if it’s a small dog or cat, you can make a bed out of a vegetable crate.

2. Sand and brush the wood very well until there are no splinters left that could hurt your pet. Even the boards you cut, because you’ll use them later.

3. Give the wood a natural fungicide treatment.

4. With the remaining boards, make a backrest or a border for the bed, as you like.

5. If you want, put wheels on it, and paint the bed the color you want. You can also make or buy a cushion, or just put some blankets on top.

You can make the model that you like the most, taking some ideas from here.

Clever! Your pet will be happy and grateful.