How to know which is your power animal that accompanies the wisdom of your soul

Just as at the moment of birth, we are governed by certain stars, and certain influences, we are also governed by the influences of certain animals. These animals are called “Power Animals“, or also, “animal totem“.

We all have power animals that influence or guide us, but not all of us know what they are. And some don’t even know about it. The truth is that all of us, to different degrees, are attracted to and admired by some animal.

Something important in this topic is that power animals do not choose themselves… they choose us. Therefore, I may like cats a lot, but that does not mean that the cat is among my power animals.

Power animals are the animals that have chosen us to inspire and guide us in our lives. They do this thanks to the influence that only they are capable of producing in us, through the admiration they produce in us and their characteristics and abilities they possess.

Each animal has its own characteristics and abilities. This, in most cases, makes us acquire characteristics from them, such as the intelligence of the Wolf, the perseverance and resistance of the Lion, the breadth of vision of the Eagle, etc.

Many people develop a strong affinity for an animal throughout their lives, but despite the bond, that doesn’t have to be the totem animal for personal growth. When looking for the animal of power, you have to open your mind and heart to connect with the spirit of the most appropriate animal to work together for the most personal and also universal purposes.

How to find our Power Animal:

Seeking a Vision

24 hours of vigil in a wild and remote environment, far from home and the usual environment, fasting from certain food and drink, is the most appropriate ancestral method to find your Vision, a dream or image with meaning that includes the animal of power .

dreams with power animals

Ask the animal of power before going to sleep to reveal itself to us during that night’s sleep and send unequivocal signals that it is the chosen one. Although if we are not familiar with techniques to remember dreams, we usually need to try it for several nights or even several weeks.

Drumming for a power animal

The percussion instruments used in ceremonies with suitable rhythms, become sacred sounds that call the animal spirits to join the ceremony. By summoning the animal of power, it can be made to come in spirit and manifest in your consciousness.

Dance with a totem animal

The dance itself can be a way to find the power animal.

Travel with a power animal

Using visualizations or the mental screen to enter the timeless world and connect with the power animal may be another way to do this.

Meditate on this, think about it constantly for days, ask to know it and be attentive to the signs. Be wide awake to listen, feel and see the future signs that will be presented to you.

Always remember that we do not choose our power animals, they choose us.

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