How to know if your Sacral Chakra is blocked?

People who have a blocked sacral chakra may experience certain sensations that are not pleasant at all. Since it generates a great negative impact both physically and mentally, which, in turn, affects well-being in general. For this reason, it is essential to know if you have it blocked and what to do to unblock it.

The blocked sacral chakra can cause an imbalance in the personal development of any individual. This speaks to the importance of the sacral chakra, the second of the seven main chakras found below the navel, specifically the perineum.

What is the sacral chakra?

The origin of the ancient wisdom of the chakra system dates back to between 1500 and 500 BC in India. While the seven chakras were introduced for the first time, in the Vedas, a well-known ancient text. Now the sacral chakraalso called “sex chakra”, is number two among the seven main chakras.

It is located around the lumbar spine, precisely, in the lower part of the navel. The second of the seven main chakras symbolizes sexuality and creativity. Swadhisthana Chakra, is the name given to the sacral chakra in Sanskrit. The translation of both Sanskrit words is “Swa” which means “I”, while “Adhishthana” means “established”.

Now, the sacral chakra is right after the root chakra and before the rest of the main chakras that make up what is known as the subtle energy system. The term chakra refers to a “spinning wheel” composed of energy that ascends and descends through the spine. Starting from the same base, until reaching the top of the head.

Each of the energy transducers is closely linked to different emotional and also physical functions that take place within the body. The first time the concept of the 7 chakras was known in the Western world was in 1880. Coming from the tantric yoga tradition, they are still being studied today.

What are the functions of the sacral chakra?

As mentioned above, this chakra is one of the most important among the 7 main chakras. It is directly related to sexuality, pleasure and joy, so having the sacral chakra blocked is not good at all. It is a chakra that not only benefits the emotional aspect, it also favors physical health. It also directs a large part of the body fluids produced by the genitals, kidneys, and bladder.

Kundalini is the name of the energy that is hidden at the base of the spine. It is activated when they carry out certain wellness practices, such as asanas, meditation and even pranayama. This energy, which flows through the sacral chakra, produces positive sensations in people. If the chakra is kept in perfect balance, it will be beneficial for creativity, sensuality and above all, healthy emotions.

The second chakra is related to personal relationships, being essential in the proper development of healthy intimate relationships. Having the sacral chakra blocked significantly unbalances any relationship, so it is recommended to restore the chakra to bring it back into balance.

How to know if your sacral chakra is blocked?

People who have a blocked sacral chakra suffer from various negative physical and mental impacts. To find out if this chakra is blocked, it is very important to pay attention to the symptoms shown below:

Physical signs:

  • Severe pain in the back area
  • kidney problems
  • joint pain
  • hypoglycemia
  • Weight loss and appetite caused by anemia

Mental cues:

  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Constant feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Little or no creativity
  • Insufficient energy to do anything
  • Stagnation
  • Emotional imbalance
  • Disadvantages in intimate life with the couple

When the combination of these symptoms occurs, there is a high probability that the person has a blocked sacral chakra. However, this does not mean that nothing can be done, on the contrary, there are special exercises for the sacral chakra such as activating and balancing it. These exercises will benefit the flow of life force energy, so that it can flow freely through the subtle system.

Blocked sacral chakra: how to unblock it?

If you have already consulted the previous symptoms and confirm that you have a blocked sacral chakra, you do not have to worry, there are several methods to unblock it. In this way, you will be able to find the balance you need to have a better well-being, which will be favorable for personal development.

There are three ways to balance the sacral chakra, these are: meditation, essential oils, affirmations and yoga asanas.


It is one of the most common practices when it comes to activating the blocked sacral chakra. Meditation allows you to invoke the water element that corresponds to the second of the 7 main chakras. This practice, in addition to being healing, is also therapeutic, helping the body to remain well balanced, both physically and mentally.

There are two very effective chakra meditation techniques, they serve to clear the blocked sacral chakra and also to activate it.

Visualization meditation:

To do it, you need to sit in a comfortable place and start breathing slowly. It is important to concentrate on breathing, to achieve a rhythm that is constant, once achieved it is time to change orientation. In this case, you have to focus on a specific color, this would be orange. The ideal is to visualize the color in the area where the sacral chakra is located.

Meditation with chants:

This type of meditation is different from the previous one, however, the objective is the same to reactivate the blocked sacral chakra. The starting position is the same, sitting comfortably, only this time, you have to lean back a bit.

Next, the eyes are closed and a flat, white moon is visualized that starts from the knees and rises to the navel area. The next thing is to repeat the mantra “vwam” several times, this exercise can be done between one and twenty minutes.

Essential oils

In addition to meditation, another method to balance the second chakra is essential oils. Ideal for healing and unblocking blocked sacral chakra, oils can be applied directly to the skin, or diluted and added to bath water.

Among the main essential oils that can help balance and cleanse the sacral chakra, are the following:

  • Jasmine
  • Sandalwood
  • pink pepper seeds
  • clary sage


They can be written or spoken aloud, they can also be combined to make this practice more effective. Some of the most common affirmations to heal the negative programming of the sacral chakra and thus activate it, are the following:

  • I deserve to enjoy pleasure in my life.
  • Life is really pleasant.
  • I absorb all the information I need from my feelings.
  • My sexuality is sacred.
  • I accept and praise my sexuality.

yoga asana

Currently, there are some asanas that are perfect for activating and balancing the second chakra. Goddess Pose and Reclining Angle Pose offer the best results.

goddess pose

This pose starts with standing, making sure you have both apart and in a rotated position. Subsequently, the knees are bent and, in turn, the thighs are aligned until they are parallel to the ground. It is important to bend your knees above both feet, while keeping your shoulders above your hips.

Now, stretch your back and place your palms together and put them in the heart area. The posture should be held for several breaths, although it is not recommended that they be more than 20 minutes.

Recumbent Angle Pose

Place a yoga mat on the floor and lie on it, bend your knees while bringing both soles of your feet together, knees should be on the ground. Next, place the palms of your hands on top of your abdomen and focus on feeling it expand with each breath.

Sink the body a little deeper into the ground while the breaths pass, it is important to show a lot of creative energy and above all, self-confidence. The ideal is to carry this feeling of openness and happiness throughout the day.

Unblocking and healing the sacral chakra is essential to improve physical and emotional well-being. However, the results will not be produced from one day to the next, this is where you have to apply perseverance and be very regular in the practice of the exercises shown above.

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