How to know if you have the evil eye?

Although it is a matter of believing magic and superstitions, there are those who often claim to have the evil eye. This annoying situation that brings from headache to bad luck, exists because they look at you. Known how to know if you have the evil eye, what are its symptoms, how to avoid it and how to cure it.

┬┐What is the evil eye?

Superstition, magic or reality, we don’t know. But the truth is that those who suffer from it usually have the same symptoms and manage to solve them by the same means.

Many people believe that when everything goes wrong or several unfortunate situations happen to us at the same time, they are victims of the evil eye. According to this belief, it occurs when someone has caused us evil just by looking at us or has somehow invoked it to happen to us.

Thinking in energetic terms makes sense, since energy flows through us through the chakras. If they send us a lot negative energy and we do nothing about it, this one will stay with us causing us evil, sadness or bad luck.

But be careful, those who follow these beliefs warn that it is not the same as witchcraft. That’s why before treating it you should follow the steps to know if you have the evil eye.

How do I know if I’m being watched?: Symptoms

As for how to identify it, since there is no scientific evidence, there are several beliefs that exist around the evil eye symptoms

Reportedly if you suddenly experience a very bad headache, loss of energy, drowsiness, fatigue, and continually thinking about something or someone, they may have eyed you. Sometimes it happens that people don’t necessarily have something against you but they envy you or some of your qualities.

There are those who wonder How do I know if I have the evil eye in my hair? And according to these beliefs it is true that you can have it. Our hair is like the letter of introduction and protects the head, so it could receive a shock of envy and negative energies. In this case it will be seen with little brightness and a little deteriorated.

For this it is better that you look for some home remedies such as infusions with flowers, rue and parsley to apply on it.

There are also those who wonder How to know if a baby has the evil eye? Well, just like the older ones, he gets cranky. He often has uncontrolled crying unrelated to colic or reflux and may also have trouble sleeping.

For all this and especially for children there are amulets that you can wear and that will cover them from these bad energies. Below we recommend some.

Steps to know if you have the evil eye

If you think you may have been “eyeballed” pay attention to how you feel. Those who hold this belief recommend be alert if you have these sensations and feelings:

1)You notice that you are more nervous than usual, and even have dizziness, vomiting or nausea.

2) You have continuous malaise but you are not sick.

3) You don’t sleep well at night or wake up startled.

4) You have an internal feeling of anguish or fear for no reason.

5) If you suddenly have a feeling of paranoia.

6) You feel anxious for no apparent reason.

Obviously these sensations can occur for different reasons but if you suspect that someone may have kicked you out and you feel this way, it probably is. There are also other ways or tests.

How to know if I have the evil eye?: Oil and water

It is one of those tests that grandmothers would advise. You must pour a few drops of oil into a plate full of water, if they come together, you have an evil eye.

How to avoid and cure the evil eye?

The evil eye cannot be avoided because it is the envy or bad energy of others. You can’t be in people’s minds to prevent them from consciously or unconsciously sending out energies like that.

What you can do is carry some amulets with you to repel it, especially if you are in a situation where you know you will be closely watched.

What to do if you have an evil eye? There are some people who have learned how to cure it and they usually do it with prayers that drive it away. There are some grandmothers’ remedies to cure the evil eye, such as putting cloves in a lemon and putting it in the house. Others say that you have to pass a raw egg over your face or a bath with water with sea salt.

You can try to get rid of this evil by doing activities that fill you with positive energy such as yoga, reiki or meditation and always try to think positive.

Evil eye prayer: They say that it is the most effective to be cured when the person who helps you is not with you.

evil eye amulets

Do not despair, although it is not possible to avoid the gaze of others, there are some amulets that you can carry with you as long as you know that you will expose yourself to negative people.

The most common is to use a red bracelet, especially in children. You can also carry and have in your home a ”turkish eye” or ”nazar’s eye” and the Hamsa hand.

The first is an eye with a blue iris, widely used by the Turks and Greeks, the second is a hand with an eye in its palm, widely used in the Arab world to ward off misfortune and the evil eye.

And you, have you ever suffered from the evil eye? How did you fight it?