How to grow zucchini in your home

Zucchini or courgette is a vegetable from the same family as watermelon, melon, cucumber and squash, which is grown in warm regions of the world. Although it was consumed by the Egyptians and Greeks, it was the Arabs who spread this food in the Mediterranean regions.

This vegetable is mainly made up of water, carbohydrates and small amounts of protein, fat and fiber. For this reason, it has a low caloric intake, and a large amount of vitamin C, A and beta-carotene. In addition, it has natural antioxidant properties, due to its content of lutein and zeaxanthin.

In this note you will learn how to grow zucchini in your own home, even if you don’t have a garden to do it. This way you can enjoy its benefits and its characteristic flavor without spending money, and taking care of your health, since you will know the soil from which they grew and the care they had before reaching your table. Also, even if you don’t know it, you can also consume its flowers!

How to plant zucchini step by step

1. Choose a large container, preferably 45 cm wide and 25 liters in capacity. Make sure it has the necessary holes for proper drainage. You can also choose small pots to start with until the seedlings grow, and then you can transplant them into a larger capacity container.

Note: When choosing the final pot, you should keep in mind that the zucchini plant will be spread over approximately one square meter. Some big bags can also be used to grow them!

To easily move the container, if you need it, you can choose a wooden pot or base with wheels. You can even do it yourself by recycling a pallet and putting two pairs of small wheels on its bottom base.

2. Add compost and gravel or bark chips to maintain moisture levels.

3. To start, you can do it from seeds or through a seedling. With your hands, make a hole in the soil in the container, place about five seeds (to ensure the germination of at least one plant) and cover them with soil. Water well.

Note: the most recommended time to plant is spring.

In the following video you will see how to get zucchini seeds yourself without buying them:

4. You can harvest the fruits when they reach 10 centimeters in length. Depending on the variety you have chosen, you can do it 40 days after planting.

Other precautions to consider

– Keep the soil moist, but be careful not to overdo it. It will need more frequent watering when the first fruits begin to appear.

– Place the container in a well-ventilated place where it receives sunlight throughout the day.

With your harvest you can prepare stuffed zucchini, spaghetti, spinach and ricotta rolls, healthy snacks, or whatever you want!

Enjoy the taste of vegetables grown by yourself! Start today with your own garden, and choose a more conscious and healthy way of eating.