How to give yourself a massage to relieve a stuffy nose

For many people, the changes in temperature that usually occur from one season to another can cause all the typical symptoms of a cold, such as runny nose, sneezing and the feeling of having a stuffy nose and not being able to breathe well.

Sometimes this can be very annoying because, in addition to having the handkerchief in your hand all the time, it becomes difficult to breathe through your nose and this can cause dryness in your throat, mouth and lips. Not to mention the headache that is generated when mucus accumulates.

But there are some tricks to relieve a stuffy nose that can help you. Just as you can use a mint ointment or take a steam bath, you can also massage yourself to help decompress the pressure you feel in your forehead, cheekbones, and nose.

How to do a massage to relieve a stuffy nose

With the tips of your fingers, massage the region around the eyes and nose, applying slight pressure. You can pretend to draw small circles on the skin. This will help reduce pain, stimulate circulation and unclog the nose.

This will also help relieve symptoms of rhinitis and allergies.

Acupressure: points to relieve blocked nostrils

According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure can also help you. It consists of putting pressure on certain places that are linked to this blockage:

  • Earlobe: Gently massage it 10 times.
  • Behind the earlobe, at the bottom, under the cartilage: press and release 10 times.
  • Between the eyebrows: apply slight pressure for 1 minute.
  • Under the cheeks: press up and release.
  • Lower nostrils: Gently push in with fingertips, repeat 10 times.

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