How to get your ex back with you?

if you are looking for how to get your ex back, you should know that when it comes to interpersonal relationships, nothing is guaranteed: that is a truth. But it is also true that human behavior has been studied a lot, and there are certain patterns that are repeated over and over again.

In this case, we talk about how to get your ex back, winning him back and attracting his love again. And although there is no magic solution to achieve this, it is true that there are some things you can do that will bring you very close to a good result.

So if you’re looking for how to get your ex back fastand get closer once again to that love in which you still think, following these steps will be the most likely to give you some results.

How to get your ex back with you? the 7 keys

1. Make an objective critique of the relationship

Before continuing with the following steps, it is very important that you take a moment to think very well: Is it really worth winning your ex back? When a relationship ends, many factors usually intervene. They’ve changed? Did the relationship really make you happy or are you idealizing it?

The mind plays many tricks on us, especially when we are a little sad. Therefore, before embarking on the adventure of trying to get your love back, take the time to reflect and make an objective critique of what your relationship was, to find out if it is really what you want and need.

2. Take distance

If you just broke up with your ex, don’t run out looking for her. It can be difficult, but nothing does a hurt love better than a little distance and intimacy. Do not look for your ex, or call him all the time.

Give it some time and give yourself some time to be apart, see how it goes.

3. Prioritize communication

After the time of distance, if you continue with the certainty that you want to recover that person, the important thing is that you approach her to talk seriously. It’s not about saying empty words like “I miss you” or “I’m sorry”.

If you really want to win that person back, you must show him that things can be different, that you recognize what has gone wrong and that you intend to make it different this time.

4. Put the cards on the table

Look, I have no idea why things didn’t end well with your ex, but I can tell you one thing: hiding information isn’t going to help things go smoothly.

If you’re trying to get your ex back, it’s because something broke between you, and if you really want to fix it, sincerity has to be one of the essential pillars. Open your heart and tell him everything you feel, the good and the bad: it’s time to try to build a healthier relationship together.

5. Respect the other

The reality is that if your ex tells you that they don’t want to talk to you, you should respect that. And if he tells you that something bothers him or makes him feel uncomfortable, too.

On the one hand, because not respecting the other person will further distance you from them. But above all, because everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

If he says no, it’s no.

6. Work acceptance

This is very important: if you want your ex back, you must also work on accepting that person as they are. Otherwise, why do you want to get it back?

Do not stop paying attention to what that person needs, what they expect from you and from their environment, know and accept their weaknesses and defects. Nothing generates more connection than discovering that a person loves you for who you are and nothing else.

7. Be your most authentic version

In that sense, it is no use trying to impress your ex by showing him that you are a different person. You already know each other, and besides, there is nothing more beautiful than having a relationship where you can be who you are.

So if you want your ex back, the best thing you can do is bring out the best version of you; after all, something made him fall in love with you at some point. Seek to empower yourself, and bring out the most beautiful and original that you carry inside.

It will not only help you win back your ex: it will also help you win back yourself.

What will you do to try to get your ex back? Tell us in the comments!


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