How to get rid of envy

First of all, let me tell you one thing: no one is hurt more by envy than the one who feels it. Envying others distances us from people, curtails the possibilities of forming solid relationships and, in general, burdens us with a rather unpleasant feeling of resentment. However, warding off envy is also important for those who are the focus of it.

It is that it is a feeling that has a powerful negative energy, that does not do anyone any good. The best thing you can do, when you know that a person is particularly envious of you, is to get away from him. Giving it entity, you get nothing more than to get entangled in the bad omens of it.

Do not give entity to the envious, and you will see how you begin to move envy away from you. But, if you still feel bad envious energies around you, you can practice some of these rituals to remove them.

1. Rough burning

Rue is a good antidote to ward off envy and bad vibes.

Get some charcoal to burn incense, put dried rue leaves or rue powder on top. Close doors and windows and light the coals. Travel with this smoke throughout your house. Once it’s all burned, throw away or bury the remains.

2. Use charcoal

Another way to keep the house free from envy, especially from the neighbors, is to use charcoal.

Place 3 pieces of lit charcoal outside your house on a plate with a pinch of coarse salt. You must do it at night, every day, for a week.

At the end of that time, collect the remains and throw them away.

3. Amulet with rue and salt

Finally, another way to keep envy out of your home is by wearing an amulet. This one is made with a glass bottle.

Inside it, you must place 3 pins, three rue leaves, a good handful of coarse salt and a lemon peel.

Cover the bottle and leave it in a window without touching or moving it to keep envy away from your house.

4. Use lavender

Another perfect fragrance to ward off envy is lavender. You just need to get lavender essence and dilute it in water.

Put the preparation in a spray bottle, and apply it to your clothes when you iron them or before putting them away. It will turn the garments into a powerful protector of envy.

Wear lavender-scented clothing when meeting people you think are envious of you.

5. Purifying bath

A bath is the best purifier for the body. In addition, it will also cleanse the negative energies that you carry.

The ideal time to perform this ritual is on a Wednesday before midnight, but you can do it whenever you feel the need.

Fill the bathtub with water and place in it a handful of rue leaves, a tablespoon of powdered yellow rose petals and a tablespoon of cottonseed oil.

Before immersing yourself in the bathtub, light 2 candles, one green and one white in the bathroom.

Stay in the tub for about 20 minutes.

If you don’t have a bathtub, mix the ingredients in a container with water and pour the contents over your body before showering.

6. Use amulets against envy

The most common amulet against envy is to wear a red ribbon on the wrist.

The Eye of Horus is another amulet that has always been used to ward off envy and the evil eye.

Finally, the stones are good protectors against envy. Especially black tourmaline and jet are effective in avoiding rubbing with dark vibrations that affect your life.

Whatever amulet you choose, always carry it with you.