How to do an energetic cleaning of houses and businesses?

It may seem incredible to many, but doing an energy cleanse is essential to maintaining the balance of energies. Especially when it comes to protecting homes and businesses, very important places in anyone’s life. However, very few know how to do an energy cleanse correctly at home and at work. So it is essential to know the steps to follow to achieve it.

Energy cleaning What does it consist of?

Any place where conflicts or discussions are generated very frequently, becomes vulnerable to bad energies. Homes and businesses are places that, in addition to being highly frequented, can also be affected by negative energies.

To understand it easily, an energy cleansing consists of eliminating any type of negative energy that is in a certain place. In this case, in homes, in workplaces and can also be done in the people who live in those places.

There are many negative effects that bad energies can cause, so cleaning must be carried out as soon as possible. Reiki energy cleansing is one of the best when it comes to raising the vibrational level of any home or business.

How often should this type of cleaning be done?

Before performing an energy cleanse, it is necessary to know exactly when the exact moment is. Many people don’t know when or how to clean a new home or business, so in the end they don’t do it correctly. Reason why it is essential to pay attention to what happens in these places and thus begin to eliminate bad energies.

Some of the determining situations that indicate that the house or business requires an energy cleaning, are the following:

– Every time you get home, you are invaded by a feeling of inexplicable fatigue and exhaustion.

– If too many people circulate at home and at work every day.

– If when sleeping you cannot recover the energy lost during the day or if you have nightmares every time you manage to fall asleep. The nightmares may be about somewhere in the home or business.

– When there are quite strange noises inside the house or if the presence of shadows is observed. Also when pets inside the house change their behavior.

– When accidents occur with electronic equipment, especially if this happens very often and with a high level of danger.

Energy cleaning methods for homes and businesses?

There is a wide variety of products with which you can perform an energy cleaning. However, a large part of these elements are often used very frequently within the home. Additionally, some people recite a prayer to clean the house, which is also effective depending on their beliefs. Now it’s time to start, learn how to clean the home: the art of making your space positive.

Clean with water and vinegar

One of the most used products for household cleaning is vinegar. But not only does it serve to get rid of dirt, it is also perfect for eliminating bad energies within the home or business. Whether it is a house cleaning with vinegar and cinnamon or just cleaning the house with apple cider vinegar, these are quite effective methods.

You can also mix a little water and vinegar to get rid of the energy load of the house. Especially those corners where little light reaches and places that are normally closed. In these places there is a greater concentration of negative energies.


Then learn how to clean the floor of the house with vinegar, another important step is to smoke the home. This increases the effectiveness of the previous cleaning and makes it more complete so that the energy load is significantly reduced.

Incense burner is a procedure in which several coals are placed inside an incense burner to then light them. When doing so, wait until they change color to add some herbs that will serve to cleanse and drive away bad energies.

Normally, it is recommended to carry out this method in the morning with a sunny day and in the course of the waning moon phase. In addition, it is necessary to open the doors and windows to remove bad energies.


Now, cleaning the floor with salt is an excellent option to clean and purify the home. It is also used when a strange presence is perceived inside the house or workplace. For this, it is important to bless the salt on a plate and then place a handful of salt in the places where the entity is most strongly perceived.


Placing different plants in the house or business is ideal to facilitate the energetic cleaning of these places. One of the most used plants is rue, as it is used to cleanse bad auras and purify. In general, two rues are used, one female and the other male, which should be placed to the right and left of the main door of the house.

Amulets for doors and windows

There are amulets called “angel caller” that are placed in the windows in order to protect the home. There are also door charms with different shapes like a yin and yang or a pentagram.

Air out the spaces

Finally, opening the doors and windows of the house facilitates good air circulation and lighting. Reason why it is recommended to do it daily to ventilate the spaces of the house and clean negative energy.