How to create an original separation in a small room

In small rooms, the kitchen, dining room, and living room can all be in the same space. Making an enclosure and placing a door to try to separate them not only implies a large investment of money, but it would also achieve the opposite effect: it would make that small space much smaller.

For this reason, dividers become a very practical option for those who live in apartments of a few square meters, since they can be adapted to the needs of those who live there, and made following the style of the general decoration of the home.

In this note you will learn an alternative to mount a rustic divider with ropes, to delimit different areas within the same environment of your home without completely blocking the light or the visibility of the entire space.


  • Two wooden boards the length you want to make your divider
  • Drill
  • Strings (c/n)
  • Pliers to cut the ropes
  • stapler
  • Screws


1. Once you have both planks of wood cut to the width you want your spacer to be, measure the thickness of your string and drill according to its diameter, at regular intervals apart. Do the same on both woods; making sure the holes match up perfectly.

2. Now measure how long you want your spacer to be and cut the same number of pieces of string as the holes you made in the wood. Try to leave a few extra centimeters to make knots at the ends.

3. Place the pieces of rope one by one, passing them through the holes in the wood. Make a small knot at the base and secure it with the stapler to the wood. When you have done it from one end, continue with the opposite; and do the same until you complete all the holes.

4. Mount the top wood to the ceiling or surface where you want to hang your room divider from. Secure it well with screws. And then check the bottom, stapling more, if necessary, the rope so that it is not so visible. And ready!

You can make the bottom part level with the floor, or you can make it stay in the air.